The Grand Tour is finally back and it seems many are pleased to see Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond back on screens. 

Amazon’s motoring show sees the trio go around the world with some of the most extravagant cars.

However, they had a difficult time filming as some of the tasks they do are incredibly challenging.

James has since gone on to speak about some of the more testing days filming, recounting one in particular.

Speaking to press including at the launch of The Grand Tour season three, the presenter joked: “That’s a very hard question actually because of a lot of it was quite bad.

“I think the worst bit was probably being in the car with you,” he said, remembering a challenge the three presenters had to do together.

James added: “This was one of the first times we’ve ever done it and that was quite s**t.”

Richard went on to describe his worst moment was one from The Grand Tour trailer. 

He remembered: “Mine was on that bridge and it was down to someone sitting to the right of me… 

“His first name begins with ‘J’ and ends with ‘-eremy T**tface.’

“I was racked with fear, shaking from head to foot and I couldn’t get off this bridge.”

Jeremy added: “No, you’ll see it, it’s a very high and rickety bridge and I just decided we should play a game of Billy Goat Gruff with some prog rock questions for Richard Hammond before he was allowed to leave the bridge.”

The presenter continued to explain he found Mongolia one of the hardest days for filming. 

There, the trio get dropped off in the middle of nowhere, receive a basic package, and have to build a car to escape danger.

“[All we had was] army rations and that was it – we had to use the parachute covers for seat covers,” Jeremy explained.

“We had to use – they had to really use their ingenuity.

“There was a moment, and I’m afraid I noticed this, I said: ‘Chaps, there’s no f**king booze.’ That was the worst moment, that was a bleak moment.”

Jeremy did go on to explain how he felt very privileged in his job, adding how he shouldn’t complain. 

“When I look at everybody I meet on the street, I realise how lucky I am to do the job I do.”

He also revealed an injury he got from filming.

The Grand Tour is available to stream on Amazon now.



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