PUBG Mobile update 0.10.5: Season 5 release time and Tencent's latest update schedule

PUBG Mobile update 0.10.5 is being released today by Tencent for Android and iOS.

However, it won’t be reaching everyone at the same time, leaving some fans searching for how to update the game on Google.

Some people in the world may have already received PUBG Mobile 0.10.5, with Tencent confirming their launch schedule earlier today.

Due to the nature of the popular Battle Royale shooter, the development team have decided on a staggered release.

This will probably protect the servers from a huge surge, especially when you consider just how popular the game is.

With 30 million active users, there’s a good chance that everyone trying to update at the same time could cause some mischief.

Instead, Tencent has confirmed that everyone will have PUBG Mobile update 0.10.5 by the end of January 18.

So by 4pm, GMT, today, everyone should have the new PUBG Mobile update available to download.

However, this will not mean that PUBG Mobile Season 5 will be available following the update.

With the completion of Season 4, fans are wanting to know how long they will have to wait.

And now Tencent has confirmed that the new content and Royale Pass will debut at the weekend.

Season 5 and the new season Royale pass will be available to all players on January 19, at around 2am, GMT.

The Daily Star reports that there will be plenty of new content to collect, including new outfits, skins and an apocalypse theme.

The staggered release should help the servers being overloaded and will also mean that everyone gets access at the same time.

A small list of patch notes has also been confirmed for the new update, although it doesn’t contain much on Season 5 loot.

It does confirm that Premium outfits and taunting emotes will be available as rewards, as well as some kind of server-wide event.

The Mk47 will be added to the game, along with a new laser sight and new options for Vikendi.

According to the patch notes, Vikendi will be an available option when creating rooms.

Patch notes and the latest news from Tencent on the new PUBG Mobile update for Android and iOS can be found below:

“The update is slowly rolling out. Expected deployment to all regions: 16:00 (UTC+8),” the message from Tencent explains.

“Season 5 and the new season Royale pass will be available at UTC 2AM, Jan 19th.”

Current PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 Patch Notes

  • Added Mk47, which can be found in Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. It fires 7.62mm rounds and has two firing modes.
  • Added Laser Sight, a lower rail attachment that reduces spread when firing from the hip. Can be found in all maps.
  • Vikendi is now available as a map when creating rooms.
  • The “Classic” voice is back! You can find it in Settings after the update.
  • Spawn Island announcements can now be enabled or disabled in Settings.
  • Royale Pass Season 5 is here! Premium outfits and taunting emotes are available as rewards. There will also be server-wide Pass upgrade events.
  • Ranked Mode Season 5 is also here! Tiers are adjusted and new rewards are added.

Other Improvements

  • Vikendi’s resource refresh (type and quantity) has been tuned.
  • Model for Swimmer Sandals has been updated.- Share For Deals is back after some tuning.
  • Clan benefit sharing has been tuned.- Avatar display of Crew Challenge winner has been adjusted.
  • The shop has been adjusted.- Supplies can now be accessed from the main menu.