The Wall Street Journal broke the news of a New Nintendo Switch being released in 2019! What do you want to see in the Nintendo Switch 2?

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  1. Love that white switch look! Clean, crisp and awesome! I hope the new Switch comes with different colours and design schemes. Imagine having a switch that looks like the old NES or how about a Switch that has the same colours from the old Gameboy Colours. I was debating on buying a Switch today but seeing this video, I will hold off until a newer version is out.

  2. With the new switch or new system whatever they call it I think they should put some kind of FaceTime now to where you can send your friends Memoji like apple emojis and Call it wiimoji or nxmoji And make the Nintendo version of apples Memoji If they don’t that’s OK I’m just speculating because the Nintendo max was scrapped as an idea so maybe they can do that Just a thought

  3. Out with old in with the new,get rid of all them gadgets ,controllers, Docking stations,backpacks to carry all these damn equipments.. just simplify it and make it into a small portable one,give me a good Bluetooth compatible controller and a connector to attach to my TV if I want to play in a bigger screen that's glad I waited to get one,cant wait

  4. itd be nice if they made the new tablet the same size to fit the joycons theyre using now and sold it individually so that if u bought the original switch you could just use the new tablet and keep everything else

  5. They should just a release a console with the sole intention of making new controllers. The wii and switch's controllers arent even worthy enough to be placed in a landfill. Awful.


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