A Place In The Sun presenter Jasmine Harman opens up on filming HALT ‘Not the best start'

A Place In The Sun presenter Jasmine Harman, 43, shared a video with her 17,000 followers revealing her day had got off to a bad start after she left her shoes in a hotel yesterday. She began her clip by filming her idyllic surroundings in Gran Canaria before turning the camera around to her. The star told her social media fans: “I am not having the best start to the morning today… I left my shoes in the hotel… we are an hour and a quarter away today… so I had to get a taxi to bring them to me.

“Now we are standing around waiting for the strimmer to stop so we can carry on filming.”

Jasmine followed up her post revealing her legs “felt like jelly” after an intense gym session.

She shared a selfie at the gym after working up a sweat.

Jasmine captioned the picture: “Trying to pout when your legs are like jelly.”

Meanwhile, Jasmine’s co-star Laura Hamilton, 36, recently opened up on further mishaps that have happened off-camera when filming for the show.

Laura exclusively told Express.co.uk the duo have turned up to set in the same outfit and giggled as she spilled producers were yet to notice.

She said: “I have in the past used stylists and I’m pretty sure Jas has used stylists in the past, but we know what kind of thing suits us and we have had occasions where we have ended up wearing the same dress.”

“They [producers] probably don’t know yet because obviously they were filmed just two weeks ago and they were different directors.

“There’s so many different teams and directors, they’re not to know.

“It will only, I guess, be when the show goes back to the edit and they start editing the show, they might be like, ‘Hold on, wasn’t Laura wearing that last week and now Jasmine is wearing it?”

But despite choosing their own clothing for the show, Laura admitted there are some rules when it comes to attire.

She added: “Obviously you can’t wear swimwear. I feel like if we were wearing something that is inappropriate then we would be told by the executives.

“I mean I’ve never been told, ‘You can’t wear that because it’s inappropriate’.

“You can’t wear anything that has got close stripes in it because it will show on camera.”

“They like you to wear bright colours, that’s ideal, bright, sunshiny and happy or whatever.

“But no, I’ve never been told not to wear something.”

A Place in the Sun airs on weekdays on Channel 4 at 3pm.

source: express.co.uk