Spider-Man Far From Home: Epic theory predicts 'Dark Knight ending' – Peter to be HATED?

The Marvel caper’s first teaser trailer landed online yesterday, showing Peter (Tom Holland) alive and kicking as if Avengers: Infinity War never happened. The promo footage showed him in Europe on a school trip; eventually tracked down by Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) and kicked back into superhero mode. Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) was also introduced, and he’ll play a big part in the new film.

But how exactly will the events play out? Isn’t Mysterio meant to be the villain – not a fellow hero, as indicated in the teaser?

A new theory on Reddit has had thousands of readers engaged, and has been 96% Upvoted.

User GalacticArtillery said: “From the newly released trailer, we see that Mysterio will be the main antagonist of the film but seems to be acting as a hero in the first act.

“The majority of speculation suggests that Mysterio is actually the mastermind behind the ‘villains’ he is stopping, a trick he uses in the comics as well.

“I think that the theme of the film will center around what kind of heroes Spider-Man and Mysterio are.

“As we see in the beginning of the film, Spider-Man is loved and adored. He swings around Manhattan, attends charity events, and has even gotten his haters to become his biggest fans (Flash). Mysterio is then introduced and shown as being better than Spidey. He’ll stop the elemental creatures with ease and Peter Parker will have trouble keeping up.”

The theorist added: “When Mysterio is revealed to truly be up to villainous acts, he will address Spider-Man’s positive fame. He’ll try to convince Peter that being seen as a hero is better than the heroic acts themselves. ‘Show them what they want to see’ rather than ‘actually save the day’.

“Peter will struggle with how the public sees him (and the new hero, Mysterio), wanting to both do what is right and get the positive credit for it.

“In the film’s climax, Spider-Man and Mysterio will battle. It will be a different kind of battle than we are used to seeing, however.

“Mysterio, through his true power of trickery, will create an illusion that makes Spider-Man look like the villain. Peter will have to make a very Dark Knight choice: protect himself to continue being the heroic superstar he is seen as back in New York, or sacrifice his public image to do the right thing and become the hero that he truly is.”

With a trilogy of Spider-Man films expected to be made, this would actually be a strong cliffhanger with which to lead into the third chapter of Parker’s story.

“Ending the film with the news/media hating him seems like a fitting transition into a third movie and introduces one of the biggest problems that classic Spider-Man deals with in the comics,” the theorist concluded.

“It sets the groundwork for J. Jonah Jameson and the Daily Bugle, Norman Osborne’s anti-Spider-Man stance, and a redemption arch for the third film.”

Meanwhile, fans have been speculating on when exactly the film is set – and there seem to be strong hints that it will be after Avengers: Endgame, which comes out in April.

That possibility just leaves the small issue of how exactly Peter will be brought back from dust.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is released on July 5.

source: express.co.uk