Brown calls Steelers 'indifferent' toward him in latest tweet storm

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Mt. Antonio has yet to erupt, but the inevitable explosion creeps closer and closer.

In a series of Wednesday afternoon tweets, Brown took aim at the Steelers and at others who have called him out in recent days — others connected to him and the Pittsburgh organization.

Responding to a fan who made reference to Steelers owner Art Rooney II, Brown said, “Clearly they feel indifferent about me seeing all these reports the big interview coming! watching my teammates, fans and organization show me how they really feel! Stay Woke.”

This comment reinforces the notion that, regardless of what the Steelers may want, Brown wants out of Pittsburgh. He has yet to say it specifically, and perhaps he will in the “big interview” that he continues to tease.

Brown also fired back at former Steelers offensive coordinator (current Buccaneers coach) Bruce Arians and former Steelers receiver Emmanuel Sanders in the same tweet: “He didn’t draft me he drafted [Sanders, the] same guy who missed rehab to go on networks to talk about me on situation he have zero clue! Arians now wears [kangol] hats n glasses but ima diva! Done seen it all then they say we friends stop [lying].” (Arians drafted neither guy, but he was on the coaching staff when each arrived.)

Sanders has responded to Brown, saying this: “[Y]ou know damn well I didn’t travel to LA to talk [on NFL Network] about you fam. You trippin yo. I went to be a analyst in which you acting foolish was the topic and I gave my analytical opinion. Get off the gas yo. You did it to yourself.”

Whether Brown intends to or not, what Brown currently is doing is moving himself closer to the territory of Terrell Owens in 2005, who wanted out of Philadelphia badly enough to embark on a scorched-earth campaign that came back to haunt him (wrongly but undoubtedly) when the time came to get his much-deserved spot in the Hall of Fame.