Spider-Man Far From home trailer PROOF Tony Stark DIES in Avengers Endgame? Two huge clues

A huge debate is raging online with fans angrily debating whether Spider-Man 2 takes place before or after Avengers Endgame. The head of Sony already made it clear last year that Far From Home stars just minutes after the ending of Avengers 4. Which means it is littered with clues about the fate of some major characters. While it doesn’t go anywhere near explaining how Peter Parker is alive again, it does reveal two other characters have definitely come back to life, while there are major clues Tony Stark may have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Two slightly different trailers hit the internet today. Both contain clues that Tony is gone.

In the US trailer the opening scene is different from the International Trailer and shows Spider-Man making a presentation before going backstage with Aunt May. Happy Hogan appears carrying a giant cheque from the Stark Foundation, signed by Pepper Potts, not Tony Stark.

Why would Tony not sign something related to Spider-Man, who has mentored so closely from the very beginning?

Later in both trailers, Happy tells Peter: “You’re all alone. Your friends are in trouble. What are you going to do about it?”

The trailer cuts to a shot of Peter looks teary-eyed. There is also a similar look on Peter’s face when he stares at his Spider-Man costume in his closet. It seems it bears sad memories for him.

When the Russos were asked if some of the dead Infinity War heroes could be resurrected they warned it would come at a terrible cost. Anthony said: “I will say this: There is a real commitment on our end to the stakes. Yes, this is a fantasy world, and yes, remarkable things can happen in a fantasy world, but…”

Joe added: “They come at an incredibly high cost.”

Has Tony paid that price to bring back some of those lost – especially his young charge, who died in his arms? 

Finally, the new trailer reveals the return of Nick Fury. The fact that he is alive again, along with Maria Hill, is striking enough, but the fact that he is now recruiting Peter begs the question: Why isn’t Tony Stark doing it?

The happier option is that Tony retires from active duty after Endgame. The more likely one is that he really does die in Avengers 4.

Fan comments across both trailers include: “Tony Stark is dead. That’s why he isn’t here and Happy is looking out. Also says Peter is dealing hard with a loss.”

“This trailer kinda confirms that Tony Stark/Iron-Man is gonna die in Avengers Endgame since Spider-Man is now being mentored by Nick Fury instead of Tony Stark, who was always Spider-Man’s mentor before & during Avengers Infinity War.”

Avengers Endgame is released in UK cinemas on April 26. Spider-Man Far From Home is out on July 5.

source: express.co.uk