Debbie McGee: ‘The only person around…’ Strictly star takes cheeky swipe at BBC co-star

Debbie McGee took a cheeky swipe at her BBC Radio Berkshire co-star Rob Lilley during a recent live episode. Paul Daniels’ widow was heard bursting out laughing after what appeared to be some confusion as to who was presenting the sports news. The 60-year-old, who’s programme first launched back in 2008, left it up to the broadcast journalist. The sports bulletin intro played out as normal and it was then up to the Strictly Come Dancing star to introduce them.

“Now, who should we get to do the sport?” Debbie asked.

The former magician’s assistant then continued: “Oh actually, the only person that is around is Rob Lilley. So here he is…”

Thankfully Rob, who also works as a producer, happily moved the show on and seemed far from flustered.

“Good morning Debbie,” he simply stated, before launching into the first news piece.

Debbie has been away from Radio Berkshire while performing in pantomime Sleeping Beauty at the Wolverhampton Grand.

But, yesterday, she hinted she could be back on her regular slot after wrapping up the festive show.

“And that’s a wrap. Thanks for having me @wolvesgrand,” she posted, in view of her 14,000 Instagram followers.

She was seen in full costume waving a sparkly wand, while sporting a white tulle dress with striking embellishment.

Debbie was acting alongside Richard Cadell and Sooty in the shot, prior to the show coming to an end.

“Hope you’re well Debbie – looking fabulous as always,” one user replied, as someone else agreed: “Looking forward to having you back on Radio Berkshire.”

A third added: “Saw you on Saturday night @wolvesgrand… absolutely fabulous performance Debbie… full of magic and sparkle as always.”

Therefore it is likely Debbie will be back on Radio Berkshire this weekend.

Meanwhile, it comes after she gushed over a male guest in the form of Britain’s Got Talent star Marvin Muoneke.

She told him he had a “wonderful” voice and admitted she was “swooning” over him in the studio.

He laughed before correcting Debbie on the pronunciation of his surname.

The star told her: “My surname… you were almost right there,” before telling her how it was supposed to sound.