Do you want to get the perfect gift for your kids this Christmas? It is never too early to start brainstorming for the perfect gift idea. Nowadays, kids grow up playing too many video games that they lose touch with books. If you want your child to grow up with the best in the literature world, then the Sony Reader is a great way to turn your gadget friendly children into bookworms. The Sony allows the new generation with a wonderful opportunity to carry all their favorite books at all times. This device offers some great features that will keep your kids away from stupid games and make them more inclined toward books.

Some great things

  1. Unlike the paper books, the Sony Reader is a device that helps save paper and makes reading a lot of fun. The Sony has a host of cool features that makes it even better than reading a normal book. The Reader provides a reading surface that is exactly like paper.
  2. If you are concerned about your children's eyesight then you will be relieved to know that the Sony reader has the lowest amount of screen glare. A low screen glare on the eBook reading device means that eyes will not feel strained even after long hours of reading. The users do not feel uncomfortable while reading the eBooks.
  3. The Reader has a long battery life, once you charge it will last you for as many as 7500 page flips. The standby time for the Sony is very long so you can charge the device once and be good for an two two-week holiday in a remote location.
  4. The Sony beats the Amazon Kindle with its awesome touch screen interface that beats all the competition with its natural flow. The touch screen enables users to flip through the pages of their favorite literary masterpieces as if it were a real book.
  5. The Sony is very light indeed and it is designed to be operated with one hand. No matter what position you are in, the Sony Reader offers a perfect reading experience. The screen is readable from all angles. Thanks to the low screen glare, the Sony reader is still readable.
  6. The Sony can be used to listen to your favorite music tracks and the sound quality is really good. The Sony reader is the perfect device to give your children as a Christmas present.
  7. The Sony can store as many 350 average sized books in its memory. You can also enhance the storage capacity by adding SD cards. No matter where you go, the Sony reader allows you to bring your entire eBook collection.

The Sony Reader is the perfect gift for your school going kids, as it will help them grow a knot of reading books. The device has intuitive controls and it will be an instant hit with the kids for sure.


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