Meghan Markle and Prince William were caught at the centre of “rift” rumours in recent weeks. On Christmas Day a video of the pair caused some to suggest William was avoiding talking to the former-actress. Other social media users were quick to jump to Prince William’s defence, insisting there has been no fall out. This came after reports of a “feud” between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle were rife in the preceding weeks.

Body language expert Judi James analysed the moment in question between William and Meghan.

She said: “As William chats here the large spatial gap between him and Meghan plus the way he has his hands stuffed into his pockets means there are not obvious signs that he’s keen to include her in the conversation, despite her cheek-rounded social smile.”

Harry on the other hand looks “awkward” in terms of his pose during the walk to church in Sandringham.

“Harry adopts a rather awkward pose with his hand ‘clipping’ his jacket and a frowning facial expression, suggesting he could be the one suffering the highest levels of anxiety over all the ‘rift’ rumours,” Judi said.

“Of course it would have been easy for William to do like Kate and to suddenly perform some jolly PDAs with Meghan but, like a lot of the more senior royals, that probably just isn’t his style.”

During other more recent outings Judi claims there is a “lack of tie-signs or non-verbal connections between William and both Meghan and Harry.”

The body language expert suggested that the Harry’s body language appears to have changed now the the two couples head out together in public.

She said: “When the two brothers were appearing as a double act it was easy to see all the visible signals of a shared sense of humour and fun.

“In his new roles as husband and father-to-be though, Harry’s body language does seem to have morphed into something more serious and even – at times – more dour and while William looks keen to wear a social smile in all these group photos he’s clearly not so enthusiastic to perform the more active displays of friendship and connection with either Meghan or Harry that might hint at empathetic bonds behind the scenes.”

What is more, Meghan may not even have turned to William in the first place.

Judi said: “The ‘moment’ between William and Meghan did depend on their proximity and her eye gaze. 

“On the surface it looked as though she turned around to smile at William while he kept himself busy tucking his scarf into his coat and her face did appear to have dropped as she turned back.

“But she could have been smiling at Kate rather than William, meaning he might genuinely have been out of the conversational loop at that particular point.”

Meghan Markle’s pregnancy body language has also been analysed by the expert. 

Body language expert Judi James told “Meghan’s bump-cradling also suggests she will be an openly doting and enthusiastic mother.”



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