Saturday Kitchen host Matt Tebbutt, 45, took over hosting duties from James Martin, 46, two years ago, but admitted he didn’t ask the latter for any tips as he wanted to be “naive”. Revealing all, he exclusively told “It was terrifying but I didn’t speak to him. “I think it’s sometimes better off to go naively into these things. That’s often a good thing if you go into things and you don’t really know what is going to happen, you just handle it as it goes.

“If you know all the facts, I think you might be a little bit daunted.”

Reflecting on his first episode of the show, the TV chef added: “I always remember the first show… I was obviously terribly nervous but the second show was worse because you then know what you’re in for in terms of the pressure and what you’ve got to say.

“You’ve got to hit your mark and be chatty and entertaining, and then you have to change your personality to whichever guest you are having.”

Saturday Kitchen Live and Saturday Morning with James Martin air on TV at the same time each week, but Matt insists there is no rivalry between TV chefs.

He added: “I honestly don’t think so.

“I am very good friends with Simon Rimmer, he’s got as some would say a rival show on Channel 4 [Sunday Brunch].

“It’s not. They’ve just got a difference audience.

“Simon has the same fears as I do, you wonder how long the show is going to go on for, you fear because it’s a live show if you say the wrong thing, because you can upset a lot of people quickly on live TV.

“The fine line I have to tread is between remembering it’s tele and not just a chat with some mates.”

Matt also added he doesn’t go out of his way to catch-up with his rival shows after a day on TV.

He said: “James Martin is obviously on at the time… and to be honest the last thing I want to do is catch up with food TV, I just go and paint my bathroom or something.”

Matt replaced James on the show after the latter left following a 10-year stint on the show.

After filling in for James multiple times while he was away, he finally became the main host in 2017.

Matt admitted he received backlash for his new role, but has not allowed any criticism to get to him.

He continued: “It used to [bother me] but now, no.

“You do what you do and you’re never going to please everyone.

“As long as you please a lot of people, then you’re alright.”

“If you try and please everyone, you become a water-downed version or a generic type of presenter.

“A lot of people don’t like my style and that’s fine, go and watch something else.”

Saturday Kitchen airs each week from 10am on BBC One.



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