As artificial intelligent computer programmers work hard to create systems, which can think, adapt and react to any situation; we are finding that the number of applications and potential uses for such systems spans the entire gamut of the human endeavor.

As robotics replace the human worker in manufacturing facilities artificial intelligence systems will replace the executives. If your shareholder of a large multinational conglomerate Corp. you will be happy to know that this will save lots of money. The money saved will increase shareholder's value, quarterly profits and increase cash flow.

The United States military is looking into command and control systems, which run fully autonomous. Such weapons systems like unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned striker Brigades will be the future of warfare in the modern battle space.

Such artificial intelligent computer systems will be designed to do just about everything with complex decision matrix systems, which can learn, think and even program themselves to do any task, complete any mission or negotiate any situation. Such artificial intelligent computer could even one day be used in complex international trade negotiations. Instead of saying all the golf course our attorneys will talk to your attorneys; the human leadership will say; let's let the artificial intelligent computer's come up with a fair negotiation; "By your drink?" And people that is the future of international trade negotiation in the future. We will have free trade and fair trade for all concerned without tension or stress or potential eventuality of breakdowns in talks leading to political impasse or war. Consider all this in 2006.


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