Roast turkey is the traditional dish on Christmas Day in Britain.

Families across the British Isles tuck into the large the bird and its tasty white meat.

But cooking such a huge hunk of meat is not the easiest task.

How can your cook your turkey, whether it is a whole bird or crown, to perfection.

Jamie Oliver has some sage words of wisdom when it comes to cooking the turkey.

On his website the famous British chef reveals it all down to preparing ahead.

He said: “It’s game time, and your timings are key.

“Remembering to work out enough time for the bird to come up to room temperature, to cook, and to rest for 2 hours will determine when you start cooking and when you eat. Plan ahead!”

Jamie’s recipe involves putting bacon on the bird in the crisscross pattern.

British culinary stalwart Delia Smith has an extensive guide to cooking a Christmas turkey.

She recommends removing the turkey from the fridge the night before roasting.

She also smothers the turkey in butter before also covering it with bacon.

On Christmas day Britons from across the nation will attempt to cook turkey.

How can they make sure the cook the bird in a safe manner, avoiding food poisoning and a potentially messy boxing day.

The NHS has some guidelines on making sure you cook your Christmas turkey properly.

It says: “If you buy a frozen turkey, make sure it’s properly defrosted before cooking.

“If it’s still partially frozen, it may not cook evenly, which means that harmful bacteria could survive the cooking process.

“Defrosting should be done in the fridge if possible (or somewhere cool, if not) and separated from other foods, in a dish or container large enough to catch any defrosted juices.

“This is important to stop bacteria from spreading.”

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