Mrs Clinton swiped at the US President via social media after the 22-day partial shutdown surpassed the previous 21-day record under her husband Bill Clinton’s presidency. The former Democrat nominee, who was defeated by Trump in 2016, sent an agitative tweet on Saturday saying “the costs are already high”. She said: “People are missing pay checks, losing business, or working without pay. Our national parks are overrun with trash.

“The FDA and FBI warn of the harm to our food safety and national security.”

The former First Lady advised Americans should call their senators and “demand a vote to re-open”.

She also tweeted out phone numbers to her followers for the congressional switchboard – concentrating on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Several government agencies have not received payment during the shutdown just before Christmas which includes the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Interior Department, the Agriculture Department, the State Department and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

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An estimated 800,000 workers have gone without pay since December 22, 2018.

Despite the lack of funding, all services have continued to run despite the lack of funding.

Mrs Clinton’s tweets come during an intense clash between Republicans and Democrats over President Donald Trump’s demand for $5.7billion to build a wall on the border between the US and Mexico.

Democrats have stated they would support $1.6billion for general border security but have said that they will not back the construction of a wall.

Party leaders have previously criticised Trump of fabricating an alleged immigration crisis to justify the wall.

Less than an hour after Mrs Clinton posted her comments, Trump tweeted saying “Democrats could solve the shutdown in 15 minutes! Call your Dem Senator or Congresswoman/man. Tell them to get it done!”

The US President earlier said he was considering calling a national emergency which would give him the power to build his wall without congressional approval.

However, he has not yet decided to take this step after reportedly saying Congress should vote on the issue at a border security round table.

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On Friday, a measure has been approved by the House of Representatives to ensure that all affected workers will be paid once the government re-opens.

Trump is expected to sign the bill soon which has already been passed through the Senate.



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