About a year ago there was a national seminar held by the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) geared towards better preparation those who operate emergency call centers when handling calls involving missing children. The NENA says that the information exchanged in that initial conversation is CRUCIAL.

NENA reports that 1.3 million children go missing every year in this country. Time is of the essence as every minute that a child is gone equals a mile. The course also addressed the subject of handling calls relating to others at risk of becoming lost / missing such as the elderly and disabled communities. LifePROTEKT, the makers of the Lok8u NUM8 Plus Personal Locator GPS Watch fully endorsed this session.

We parents have become more and more aware of the dangers our children face in their day. If you are one of them and are looking for help in keeping an eye on your kids even when you can not see them, one of these new GPS 'wrist-top' computers with the child-locator function may be just what you ' ve been looking for.

In today's world it's impossible to be TOO safe and these GPS Child Locator Watches can help give us parents some much needed peace of mind.

– Know where they are: Simply connect to the lok8u customer portal from your PC or text message from your mobile phone to locate your child, anytime, anywhere.

– Instant alerts if removed: If the strap of your child's nu.m8 Plus is opened without your authority, an immediate alert is sent via SMS and email to warn you this has happened

– Set your own boundaries: The 'Safe Zone' feature allows you to easily set your own defined area by time and day. An immediate alert is sent via SMS and email to inform you if your child strains outside this area.

"As a parent, even though statistically I know that it is illegally that one of my children would be abducted, it's one thing I can not control. to ensure their safety ".

Lok8u's products and services address this growing personal safety market, and provide enhanced security with affordable peace-of-mind solutions for the modern mobile family.

Being a concerned father of a little girl, we personally have recently purchased the Lok8u watches for her. This technology is incredible. I can be at work in my office or anywhere on the golf course and pull up the map on my phone and know exactly where they are and that they are safe.

I would be remiss if, even in my desire to provide these products, I did not share that there have been a lot of negative reviews for these products on many websites. Before you purchase any of the child locator products be sure that you research the LATEST customer reviews. Many of the less-than-positive reviews you will read have been on the web for over a year.

The companies that have been developing this technology are working diligently to 'swat the bugs' that were prevalent in earlier versions and many of the newer product reviews are much more promising and reassuring. Hey, nobody wants to hire a baby-sitter that you can not trust, right? Same with the child locator watches. Just do your homework.

NuM8 Plus is a cool watch for kids that also delivers peace of mind for adults.


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