In an emotional interview with Robbie Savage, Sutton revealed how a death threat was sent to a Scottish newspaper following comments about the Rangers game.

Savage explained on his show: “It was Rangers vs Celtic, the big Old Firm derby, and Chris received a death threat.

“Just before we get to that Chris, let’s talk about how it came about, how it happened.

“Your punditry is provocative, opinionated, passionate… you say what you think – and you’re not going to change.”

Sutton clasped his hands as he vowed: “No, I’m not going to change in that respect.

“We talk about football, don’t we? I love football north of the border and south of the border and people have strong opinions.

“When we sit on the sofa and talk on the shows we do, we engage but there is a line of course.

“A death threat is too far. It’s more upsetting for the family and a little bit unsettling.

“In terms of going forward, we can’t let these mindless morons stop us saying what we want to say.

“Most of the stuff I say is constructive, we do a lot of prep and we are getting to the age where everybody seems offended by absolutely anything.”

Savage then asked Sutton to explain to viewers exactly what happened after Rangers beat Celtic 1-0.

“It was sent in a private message to a Scottish newspaper,” he revealed.

“I was informed of it and I dealt with it in the appropriate way.

“It’s upsetting for my wife and my kids, something I have to deal with, hopefully it’s a prank or I may not be here in a couple of weeks time.

“I might not be here with you, which may be unsettling for your show.”

But Sutton was keen to reiterate his stance that nothing will change going forward and he will continue to be as forthright as ever.

“It’s going way too far but we’ll eventually get to an age where, if somebody misses a chance, we’ll have to say ‘oh, they were unlucky’ because we may offend them if we say it was a terrible miss,” he said.

“What is the world coming to, come on? Some people need to grow up. We have opinions and we’re not going to change.”



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