In his latest TV show, Tom Kerridge is making it his mission to encourage families to spend more time cooking at home. It came shortly after the 45-year-old, who has shed an incredible 12 stone in recent years, released his new plan – Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start. The latest series focuses on how viewers and participants can become “healthier, fitter, and happier”. Tonight, the chef revealed his three steps to follow in order to master the kitchen.

Speaking to viewers, he said: “There’s just no way round it, to make lasting changes, my families must follow my three rules to bossing the kitchen.

“One, plan their meals. Two, shop from a list. Three, be clever cooks by batch cooking home made ready meals and learning some quick and easy recipes.”

Tom has spoken about his own diet plan a number of times in the past.

It came after the chef slimmed by a whopping 12 stone – having previously weighed in at almost 30 stone.

So, just how did Tom Kerridge lose weight?

The TV star made a number of changes to his lifestyle, such as by cutting out alcohol and upping his exercise.

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But that’s not all, as Tom also decided to follow a lesser-known diet plan.

The dopamine diet involves tucking into “dopamine-rich” foods.

This includes foods such as vegetables, hot sauce, tinned beans, hearts and spices.

Cornflour, sweeteners, spray oil, and eggs also feature on the menu when following a low-carb, high-protein diet plan.

Elsewhere in the episode, Tom shared a number of his top recipes, which he recommended families cooked up at home.

Last week, Tom revealed the “biggest hurdle” he faced when it came to following his advice.

The star explained that a “home cooked family meal” is at the heart of his plan.

“For me, finding time in my busy schedule is the biggest hurdle,” the chef told viewers.

The father-of-one went on to explain how he overcame the issue: where possible, reserving Sundays for quality family time.

Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start continues next Wednesday on BBC Two at 8pm.



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