Pokemon Go Community Day NEWS: New Totodile January secrets and EX Raid passes

January 12 will see the first Pokemon Go Community Day of the year go live on Android and iOS.

The new event will allow Trainers to catch plenty of Totodiles, shiny variants and unlock a special move.

Hydro Cannon will be available to those who evolve a Feraligatr during the event, which is scheduled to last the usual three-hours.

And Niantic has also confirmed that players will not be able to unlock it by purchasing a second move slot on their Pokemon.

The option was added as part of the recent PvP update and costs a lot of Candy and Stardust to unlock.

Some fans have been curious about how this second move slot could change things when it comes to future Community Days.

“To learn the exclusive move, you must capture or Evolve the featured Pokémon during Community Day hours,” Niantic support explains.

“Using TMs or unlocking a “New Attack” on previously evolved Feraligatr will not work. Let us know if you have further queries!”

It also appears that Niantic will be throwing in a new quest during the upcoming Community Day.

Data miners have uncovered text that suggests Niantic will be offering up a quest that will include some kind of reward.

Players will likely need to catch a number of Totodiles to complete the quest, although it’s unclear what the reward will be.

Some players will remember earlier quests that allowed players to catch Squirtles wearing sunglasses.

However, there have also been much more mundane rewards offered by Niantic, so the chances that it will be a random item is much higher.

Bonuses we know will be available during tomorrow’s Community Day includes Lures lasting for the duration of the event and egg hatching distances being only a quarter of what they would normally be.

Following on from this weekend’s Community Day, Trainers will be getting a chance to face Deoxys again.

New EX Raid passes have been released by Niantic, confirming that a new event is being held next week.

Dates for the next wave of EX Raids has been confirmed for January 19 and 20, with invites being sent out today.

If you have not received one yet, it probably means you have missed out on a chance for this wave.

source: express.co.uk