A PDA is used in present times to manage contacts, schedule appointments, and send email & instant messages. A personal digital assistant (PDA) can enable you to keep organized and stay in touch. Here are some handy buying guides to pick the perfect PDA and get a hold of the handheld of your dreams.

  • Find Your PDA Needs
  • Select an appropriate PDA Operating System
  • Choose your PDA Memory Requirements
  • Estimate PDA Screen & Battery Option
  • Analyze PDA Features

All the newest and best features may sound great to you, but what is that you really want to do with your PDA? Before you set your mind upon buying one, determine what you need out of a handheld device.

Calendaring & Contacts

If you simply want to maintain a list of business, personal contacts and keep your schedule straight, you do not require a higher-end PDA. A Palm or Pocket PC with limited memory and a monochrome screen will work just do the trick.

Internet & E-mail

Some of the more common functions that you can perform with the help of a PDA include sending and receiving E-mail, browsing Websites, organizing your calendar and contacts with a more superior Palm or Pocket PC. You can also communicate with other devices away from the computer with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or an IrDA port (infrared). Ensure that the PDAs you are on the hunt support the features you require the most. You will have to sign up for service before you make use of email and Internet features.

Note that the Cell phone, data transfer (instant messaging and picture messaging), and email / Internet fees different depending on your service provider, the amount of time you spend using a service and data you send and receive every month. If you fancy cell phone service, you can pay a monthly cell phone service fee as well as a monthly fee for Internet / email usage.

Phone calls

A cluster of PDA / cell phone combo devices with the inclusion of Palm Treo, T-Mobile Sidekick and RIM Blackberry let you make calls, browse the Internet, send instant message, email, and activate basic calendar and contact management. Make sure you sign up for cell phone service before making use of cell phone features & Internet service before using internet features.


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