Bohemian Rhapsody: Brian May hits back ‘Critics got this WRONG about Freddie Mercury’

Just how “debauched” was Freddie Mercury? Critics claim Bohemian Rhapsody fails to address the difficult truths about the icon’s life and death. But only those who were there really know what happened and now his Queen bandmates have hit back and accused critics and the media of wanting a “gratuitous” one-dimensional movie. The critics are wrong says May. Taylor adds that too many people miss what was really important and special about their friend and bandmate.

May told Louder Sound: “It shows everything. Nobody thinks Freddie’s perfect, but he sure was unusual.

“You see it all. Not in a gratuitous way. It’s not meant to be messy and licentious, and I think that was a good decision.

“All that stuff is in there, but you don’t need to be revelling in scenes of debauchery – not that Freddie was particularly debauched anyway. I know some people were looking for that, but no, it’s a film which portrays the truth, in a fairly gritty and honest but also entertaining way.”

May added: “We all felt we wanted to portray Freddie’s humanity, to portray him as a human being, as a musician. It had to be truthful and not too indulgent. And I think Freddie would say number one it had to be entertaining.”

Taylor was also keen to stress that their pride that the movie focusses on Freddie as much as a musician as a showman.

He said: “I think what a lot of people think about Freddie, and the media go, ‘Oh he was flamboyant, whatever,’ and they remember him for other things and they forget he was a brilliant musician. I think the film does pay attention to the fact that Freddie was a great, great musician.”

Malek has been widely praised for his performance and already has a Golden Globe win under his belt with a BAFTA nomination this week and Oscar glory looking almost certain.

He also stressed the film’s mission to celebrate Freddie’s life and incredible talents.

The actor said; “I have one responsibility: to do this human being justice and to make him proud and to make Queen proud… I think that’s the most important takeaway from all of this–that the music and his story are going to outlive us all.”