Time travel PROOF? 'Time traveller' claims he will be the next US President

Time traveller Michael Macintosh believes he has seen a future timeline where he is the US Commander-in-Chief. Revealing the bizarre news in a bombshell confession tape, the time traveller claimed he has been to Mars at the age of five and has numerous psychic abilities. The supposed time traveller worked alongside former US President Barack Obama on a top-secret time travel operation. Speaking to paranormal investigators from YouTube channel Apex TV, Mr Macintosh said the mission gave him access to technology dubbed “chrono vision”.

The time traveller said: “I was part of the project with former President Barack Obama and because of our access to time travel and chrono vision, I am aware of the fact that I myself will be President of the United States, probably in 2024, and that another person who I worked with in that program will also be President of the United States in 2032.

“I’m also aware of many other things because of having had access to time travel and chrono vision technology, and not just chrono vision technology, but also the fact that our government selected me for this program, shall we say, because of the fact that our government is using people with, shall we say, special abilities in order to participate in these programs, such as myself.

“I was born with certain, shall we call them, psychic abilities.

“I have the ability to remote-view, which I would like to go into detail about for you guys, and how that was used as part of the mission to Mars that I was involved with.”

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In the incredibly unusual confession tape, the time traveller said he was involved in a top-secret CIA mission to “remote-view” into Mars in the early 1980s.

Mr Macintosh said he projected himself and President Obama onto the surface of the Red Planet “via remote view”.

He said: “When I was on Mars as a five-year-old boy, I was teleported to an underground cavern on the surface of Mars, and I was able to remove-view the surface and see what was going on up there.

“And not just at that point in time in which we were in, but in all points of time.

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“And I was able to ascertain there was once an advanced Martian civilisation and there are remnants of it presently on the surface of Mars, including humanoid life much like ourselves, who are technologically somewhat advanced and communicate through telepathy.

“Believe me, I know this all sounds crazy, and I really wish it wasn’t the truth because the more I talk about these things the more I sound like a crazy person and I understand that.

“But as they say, the truth is stranger than fiction.”

However, not everyone who saw the video was convinced Mr Macintosh’s story was credible.

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One YouTube viewer, Ryan Flores, commented: “Once he said he was going to be President I knew it was bs.”

Michael Kozak said: “How much did you pay this guy? The entertainment is getting better. Soon Netflix will ask for a script.”

And Jason Phillips said: “Lol stick to the blurred out videos. While no one could legitimately believe most of these videos, this one is going to ensure that.”

The extraordinary time travel claim comes after another alleged time traveller told Apex TV humans will be able to time travel as soon as 2028.

source: express.co.uk