Razer lights up with a new display and updated Blade gaming laptop video – CNET

[MUSIC] One of the highlights of CES is always seeing what cool concept pieces Razor is cooking up, they very often have prototype designs that are very cool and flashy but may or may not not ever come out in [MUSIC] In stores. This year, however, we’ve got two new products here that are definitely coming out. One of them very soon, one of them a little bit later. First up is the new version of the razor blade advanced 15. It’s the same 15 inch gaming laptop that I loved so much in 2018. But this new version, while it’s the same from the outside, inside, it has NVIDIA’s new RTX graphics cards. The 2060 the 2070 Mex Q the 2080 Mex Q all in a very slim body and also new in this rebrand version new webcam here an RI camera that supports Windows hello facial recognition log in I always like seeing that in a laptop. Of course getting new RTX parts does not always come cheap this guy’s gonna start at $2299. For the 2060 model and go all the way up to 2999 if you want the full 2080 max Q version with all the trimmings. Now here’s something that kind of looks like one of Razer’s famous concept pieces but is actually coming out in the first half of this year. It is the Razer Raptor monitor It’s a 27 inch display, gives you a lot of mobility, 2560 x 1440, very flexible hinge. It’s built on top of a single aluminium gigantic standpiece that not only makes it very stable, gives you a place to route all your cables This big stand does such a good job at running your cables that Razer gives you a set of these green cables that route right in through there, plug into all the plugs, come out through the back. And each one of them terminates in a USB-A or USB-C or an HDMI. And you can just plug in whatever parts you need, without having to get down there under it and plug in and unplug stuff manually every time you wanna change something. Of course since it’s a Razer it’s got Chroma lights right there on the bottom and it will work in sync with your Chroma lights on your laptop, or your keyboard, or your mouse, or your mouse pad, or anywhere else like that. So if you have everything together, just turn off the lights and enjoy the show. We’ve seen a lot of Razer concept pieces in the past that have been great to look at and then fun to play around with, but have never actually come out. This guy is coming out in the first half of 2019 for a very reasonable $699. But wait, I’ve got one more surprise for you. It’s not part of the Razorblade 15 advanced that’s coming out later in January, but Razor did show off two prototype screens That may come in future versions of this. One was a 240 hertz screen, which looked fantastic, and one was a 4K OLED screen. You almost never see an OLED screen in a laptop, but I really think it’s the holy grail, especially for gaming laptops. If that OLED version ever comes out, I’m gonna be very excited.