‘LAME MACRON!’ French President RIPPED APART in brutal interview

During an interview with one of Mr Macron’s MPs, Alexandre Holroyd, host Tim Sebastian ferociously attacked the French President for “kicking the media out of the press room” and representing an undemocratic regime. The strong remarks come amid one of the sternest challenge of Mr Macron’s 20-month long presidency – the yellow vest movements. Mr Macron, who in May 2017 was elected with 66.1 percent of the votes, now has the approval of only 25 percent of the population, according to a survey carried out by Odoxa and Dentsu Consulting for franceinfo and the Figaro newspaper.

Calls for him to resign have been rampant, but the President easily survived a no-confidence vote last month over his handling of the yellow vest protests.

During a November 2018 episode of Conflict Zone, Deutsche Welle’s top political interview, Tim Sebastian told Mr Holroyd that kicking out the media out of the press room did not help his President’s popularity.

Mr Sebastian suggested: “This a leaf out of Donald Trump’s playbook, isn’t it?”

The French MP rebutted: “The portrayal of having the media kicked out of the press room is ludicrous.

“The media was in a room in the main palace of the Elysee, which is a small undersized palace to host the presidency.

“They have been moved literally 20 metres across the street where a lot of the presidential staff is.

“It is just inaccurate and there is no symbolic gesture behind it.”

The journalist then quoted Mr Macron saying: “We have a press that no longer seeks the truth.”

He asked Mr Holroyd: “What is he saying?

“That it is just fake news? Is that the next thing he is going to talk about?”

Conflict Zone host concluded: “It’s always a bit late when politicians blame the media for them being unpopular and say they are being unfair to us.”

Mr Sebastian also sought straight answer from Mr Holroyd after accusing Mr Macron of despotic behaviours.

He told the French MP: “The complaint among associates past and present seems to be that, even by French standards, Mr Macron holds the reins of power very very tightly.

“A small coterie of advisers surrounds him and that’s it.

“He doesn’t explain and he doesn’t apologise. He doesn’t mind admitting that.”

Defending his leader, Mr Holroyd said: “I can tell you that every law the President has pushed for has been adopted after a thorough debate in Parliament.

“It has been improved or amended, depending on the circumstance.”