This Australian man might be more afraid of spiders than you – CNET

Hey arachnophobes, how does your fear of spiders stack up against this?

Police in Western Australia responded to a home in suburban Perth after being alerted that a toddler was screaming and a man was repeatedly shouting, “Why don’t you die?”

But once they arrived, the police discovered the man wasn’t trying to murder a human, but instead was trying to kill a spider, the BBC reports.

A since-deleted tweet from the Wanneroo police read, “Multiple police units responded lights and sirens to this incident (Jan. 1). Never a dull moment for the police!”

The tweet shared three police messages describing the case, with the last one noting that there were no injuries during the incident “except to spider.”

A police spokesman told Guardian Australia that the Twitter post had accurate content, but was deleted because it included the screenshot of internal communications. The Wanneroo Police did not immediately respond to a CNET request for comment.

The deleted tweet noted that the man whose screams started the whole thing “has serious fear of spiders” (duh), and that he apologized for inconveniencing the police.