Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind release date: Watch incredible new trailer for Skyrim mod

Beyond Skyrim is the multi-team collaborative modding project for The Elder Scrolls 5. The Beyond Skyrim enterprise sees several mod teams each responsible for building their own area. But the recent release of the Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind announcement trailer has sparked hope the game is almost available.

The Beyond Skyrim collective spent last year offering a drip-feeding morsels on in-development mods, from Roscrea to Elsweyr.

But Beyond Skyrim has begin the new year with a bang, by unveiling the first look at Morrowind — The New North.

The Morrowind developers have long teased the game’s progress, but had yet to select a specific location.

Little of The New North was really visible in the advert released last year.

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But The New North is now apparently the Beyond Skyrim team’s goal, a region encompassing Bleakrock Isle and Sheogorad.

January’s advert, which dropped on new year’s day, shows the expansive environments players will encounter in The New North.

The detailed landscape is especially pleasing, combining recognisable architecture, abandoned ruins, and nostalgic cityscapes.

The New North close resembles other regions, especially Skyrim and Morrowind.

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Huge fungi dominate the skyline, while locals walk around in exoskeleton-like armour.

And imposing wizard towers but next to them are thatched roofs, wooden halls and longships.

Because the mod is an ongoing projects The New North still frustrating lacks a concrete release date.

Despite spending more than a year on the project, industry insiders believe there is a way left to go.

One thing that can be said for certain, few will be more excited than the developers when it is finally ready.

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The other Beyond Skyrim projects in development are also without confirmed release dates.

The Expedition to Atmora mod is believed to be progressing at a pace, as is Roscrea, and Cyrodiil’s Kvatch.

And Elsweyr, Iliac Bay, and Black Marsh are also thought to proceeding as planned.

All this bodes well for the project, especially considering it is being created by volunteer enthusiasts.