Michael Schumacher health: Is Michael Schumacher conscious? Recovery latest

Little has been revealed about the condition of since he suffered a devastating brain injury in a skiing accident in 2013. The German racing legend was initially put into a medically-induced coma but was later moved to his home in Switzerland where he remains. Updates about Michael’s condition have been sparse but his wife Corinna Schumacher has penned a rare statement ahead of his milestone birthday on January 3.

She said: “We are pleased and wholeheartedly thank you for celebrating Michael’s 50th birthday with him and with us.

“You can be sure that he is in good hands and we are doing everything humanly possible to help him.”

“Please understand if we follow Michael’s wishes and leave as sensitive a topic as health, as ever, in privacy.

“At the same time, we thank you very much for your friendship and wish you a happy and healthy year in 2019.”

Is Michael Schumacher conscious?

Corinna’s newest statement reveals little about Michael’s condition in keeping with her ongoing calls for privacy during the last five years.

While information has crept out from some people surrounding the legendary sportsman, it is not certain whether he is conscious or not.

Following his move to a hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland, in April 2014 it was reported Michael showed “moments of consciousness and awakening”.

A statement issued three months later also confirmed he was no longer in a coma.

Last month, Sportsmail said Michael was “no longer bed-ridden, nor is he existing on tubes”.

And former Ferrari boss Jean Todt also implied Michael was conscious after confirming the duo watched the Brazilian Grand Prix together in November 2018.

What else has been announced for Michael’s 50th birthday?

An official Schumacher App has been launched to honour the Grand Prix driver on his 50th birthday.

Keep Fighting Foundation, the charity set up in Michael’s name since his accident, said the app was a “very special present” for his family and fans.

A statement on the Keep Fighting Foundation website said: “Schumacher. The Official App is a digital museum that honours the career of the most successful Formula 1 driver in history in an unprecedented way.

“It is available in both iOS and Android versions in the App Stores from 3 January 2019.”

A 2013 interview with Michael and a virtual through his childhood kart track in Kerpen-Manheim are just a couple of the highlights of the app.