Galaxy Note 9 and S9 Android 9 Pie update – When your phone will get these new features

Galaxy S9 and Note 9 owners are in for a treat at the start of 2019.

The Korea technology firm has revealed more news on the rollout of its Android 9 Pie update and it seems there’s not too long to wait.

Spotted by SamMobile, Samsung recently published a full list of Android 9 Pie launch times via its Members app.

This list confirms when 9 Pie will be pushed out to devices with the Galaxy S9 the first to get this upgrade in January.

This will then be followed by the Note 9 in February and Galaxy S8 and Note 8 in March.

Those owning an older Galaxy S7 could face a major disappointment as there’s currently no word on whether this device will get a Pie upgrade.

It’s also worth noting that even when Samsung does begin rolling out this 9 Pie upgrade to devices many users may not be able to download it straight away.

Firstly, it’s likely to be gradually released across the world and those who have a Samsung device on contract may face an added delay as networks have to test to software before releasing it to customers.

If you bought your S9 or Note 9 directly from Samsung on a SIM-free basis you will probably get your hands on 9 Pie first.

Here’s a full roadmap of when Pie will be released on specific devices.

JANUARY 2019 – Galaxy S9 • Galaxy S9+

FEBRUARY 2019 – Galaxy Note 9

MARCH 2019 – Galaxy S8 • Galaxy S8+ • Galaxy Note 8

APRIL 2019 – Galaxy A8 2018 • Galaxy A8+ 2018 • Galaxy A7 2018 • Galaxy A9 2018 • Galaxy Tab S4 10.5

MAY 2019 – Galaxy J4 • Galaxy J4+ • Galaxy J6 • Galaxy J6+ • Galaxy A8 Star

LATER IN THE YEAR – Galaxy J7 2017 (July 2019) • Galaxy J7 Duo (August 2019) • Galaxy Xcover4 (September 2019) • Galaxy J3 2017 (September 2019)

When it does finally launch it seems Samsung fans will be in for a treat with a new skin, called One UI, that will run on top of Android 9 Pie.

This presents a number of new features and a massive aesthetic change for devices.

Samsung has emphasised the new software has been designed from the ground up to make navigation on larger devices, such as the Note 9, easier with one hand.

Discussing One UI, Samsung said: “One UI helps you focus on what really matters to you.

“With hardware and software working together in harmony, see only what you need, using and viewing your phone with an experience that feels second nature.

“Because it’s the small details that make a big difference.”

One UI also brings Samsung fans new icons that boast striking colours and a new dark mode to look forward to. a