Is Borderlands 2 worth buying in 2018/2019? Borderlands 2 still worth a buy? Is Borderlands 2 good and is the coop fun with friends even 6 Years Later? What made Borderlands 2 so awesome?

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  1. I love this game but on xbox one the multiplayer never works on 2 and pre sequel. pre sequel literally crashes everytime i try to search for a game. i never had this problem on the 360. and I've uninstalled many times and still fucked up

  2. Am I the only one that liked PreSequel more just cause of the gameplay ? The fights in an actual 3D plan and not just on the ground were AWESOMES. (Even if in term of content… Bordelands 2>>> PreSequel)

  3. Borderlands franchise is most definitely one of the best franchises out there. Borderlands 2 rocks! Tales of the Borderlands is also a very high quality game. I highly recommend it.

  4. Dont worry about not "finding as much loot" as chests are now more of a progress forward find. And you actually grinding bosses and special enemies, slot machines and even feeding a diamond unicorn…. currency. Yes diamond unicorn… will have chances to drop good items. Making finding a legendary actually amazing instead of just shooting through levels farming chests and reloading and just stat farming like the first. Crawmerex the invincible in the first game was the only end game loot boss to farm other than glitch chest farming the armory. And legendaries in the first just had increased or special stats with only 5 or so guns having special effects. Like a shot gun shooting in a face pattern this game has shot guns like the confrence call that shoot at the target in a tight spread as well as 2 other spreads shooting from left and right doing essentially 3x the damage to a single enemy as the gun states or even hitting multiple enemies while aiming at just one and that's only one of many many many special guns …This game has like 50 end game bosses to farm. And each have a increased chance to drop a particular item and most items can drop from any enemy. And that's not including the 200 different world enemies that can also drop. Like the willow trees in the tiny tina dlc. Have a high chance to drop a legendary bee shield. And they arent even special enemies. This game is 10/10 and 10x better than the first.

  5. I'm glad people are keeping BL2 in the media. We have to consider the fact the gaming community includes a lot of people who were too young to have played it when it launched. They may know what the game is but they're more likely to not consider it as something just as good if not better than things available today. It takes videos like this one to blowup to grab their attention so they get an idea of what they're missing.

  6. Borderlands has been a game series I've played a lot and come back to many times before, I'm glad I nabbed it for Christmas and I don't regret buying


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