Prey was one of the strongest games of 2017, so when Bethesda announced that a DLC expansion was on the way, you’d think there might have been a little more excitement. Sadly, this absolute gem has been completely ignored, which is a tragedy given that this is the smartest, best constructed, most thoughtfully designed immersive sim experience I’ve ever had.

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  2. Yeah this dlc was pretty damn good. My only problem is I can't play Prey cause when I hit launch on Steam nothing happens, it says it's running the game but nothing happens, the Prey window doesn't even come up. I'd love to finish the game, and play some more of this dlc. Anyone know what my PC's issue is?

  3. I hate Prey. It's boring and filled with backtracking, the game constantly pointed out and showed me that ammo is limited but it was everywhere. The opening was the only good part. I couldn't even finish it because of how bad it was.

  4. Prey just felt like a marathon through a slog to me. I couldn’t get into the story because I kept seeing bioshock. I couldn’t get into the gameplay because I’d play games like this before and there was few things new to me( the only thing new I actually noticed was the fabrication method). I couldn’t get into the enemy designs or the “horror” elements of the game because I didn’t feel threatened by the mimics. Enemies that run away and hide as an everyday object? Not threatening enough. My expectations on this game before it was released was that I was to be the hunted, I was to be fighting for my life, I was to be excited about exploring to find side stories to help expand the game’s universe and find other interesting survivors to explain what happened and why you should fear the mimics. I wanted to have a proper survival horror game where I would conserve ammo, health, and upgrade materials and also feel overwhelmed by the enemies and overall dangers of the location, but that didn’t happen. None of that happened! I played this game twice so I could try to find something that other gamers that had quickly become fans had seen so I could feel their excitement and share a mutual love for the obvious bioshock spiritual successor, but that never happened. It felt like a slog through the game because I felt an obligation to find something fun about prey but it just didn’t happen and that sucked

  5. The only thing this review doesn't cover is that if you are good enough at Prey, then the DLC is even more enjoyable because you can fly through it and take on entire rooms of enemies with the new abilities, weapons and enhanced Propulsion system, which makes it a very unique FPS experience as well.

  6. Pray is a solid game, but the thing that ruined the game for me was that at some point some robot told me to not use alien powers and I thought it would have major impact on the ending so I did not use them. and then the disappointing ending happened and I lost interest in playing it second time with alien powers.

  7. Nobody talked about the base game either. It's just unfortunate because, by all accounts, Prey 2017 was an amazing title. I suppose it wasn't advertised enough, or the release timing was bad, or both. Then of course, if nobody knew the main title, nobody could be bothered with the DLC. Bummer.


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