Today marks the two year anniversary of my first video on YouTube, and there couldn’t be a more fitting video to make than a review of the game that got me my start on this platform. And it’s a pleasure to review this game now, post 1.8, because the game is in the best ever place it’s been, and it’s finally the game we all hoped it would be when we laid down our hard earned cash back in March of last year. The Division finally feels complete, and in this review I’d like to show you why…

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  1. Yesterday, I quit my job- I am now officially full time on YouTube. This seems like a fitting video to celebrate the occasion 🙂 I've made a special edition, professionally designed version of the script of this video available exclusively to Patrons. If you'd like to get your hands on that, you can sign up here:

    Thank you for an incredible 2 years on this platform 🙂

  2. How great what? This is not a game. You are crazy. keeping a button pushed for 10 seconds reload .. what is thsi? Come on!!! This is non-ergotic literature. It's not Game, it's just batman.
    This stuff Sucks.

  3. RPG shouldn't mean reality has to take a hit. Especially when you take incredible care to make a virtual world so realistic as NYC. Role simply means role, and playing a role, if that role in the real world is a person who shoots a real weapon, logic dictates you emulate that situation.
    What RPG has been devolved into is some realm of fantasy superimposed on our reality. Ok if this is set in a fantasy, NOT when it is imposed on a real, down to the scrap of paper virtual reality this game designed. It is a mechanism that is not even an evolution of gaming over the years. It relies on an easily used xyz coordinate system where you are known to the millimetre, and as such, 'seen. targeted, and killed' by what developers laughingly call AI, or game intelligence.
    Whereas, proper AI would incorporate an even handed approach, and program in code where NPC's have to recognise 'real' players before reacting to them. In the same way we have to. This technology is and has been available for years, and modern computing can easily handle the subroutines to achieve this. What we get however is the utter nonsense of being seen at all times by all NPC's anywhere on the maps, and a stupid RNG of targeting to our 'known' position.
    FFS, even supposed 'real' shooter games like Arma use the crappy known xyz and kill you instantly even when you cannot see any enemy for hundreds of metres.
    It is essentially a copout and lazy development, and seems to be glossed over by excusing it as 'RPG". Crap!

  4. Man, they are not keeping the update because they want to make the customer happy, they just want to suck every penny of all their game. They have announced that every game they will make, will be made for long term. They will not make solo game like an old but good far cry etc… They want money. Ubisoft is the ea of france

  5. I really enjoyed the hour I played this game on my Xbox One X. Even though I played solo it was very fun. I guess I didn't play enough to see how bad it was, but it was pretty sweet running around a giant city and killing baddies with a supersoldier. Love the fact that I got this failed game for free with my Best Buy bundle, as well as Rise of theTomb Raider.

  6. I just tried The Division…that's not an RPG. it's linear af…I already realized the story is boring af also, and I don't feel anything open world about it…you can interact with limited number of objects and NPCs (a city full of vehicles, yet no driving), your movement is restricted (no jumping or crouching, they instead tried to override that with the climbing and the cover system), etc, etc…and ffs will someone finally give us destructible enviroments? I managed to make my character look cool tho…the face I mean. this could've been a really good game in fact, but there are so many restrictions. you mentioned Warframe several times…that's the equivalent of a diablo. a sci-fi looter/shooter/melee…the thing about WF is that it's far more fun, it's free, and with added 2 huge (almost) open world areas it has become a completely new game. the deep crafting and modding system definitely gives it the RPG vibe as do all the warframes you can play with. It has far more variety and the parkour movement that transcends assassins creed is awesome. The Division neededs more realism, interactive enviroment, destructible enviroment, vehicles, better movement (not parkour, but also not just running and taking cover), a head shot should be a head shot in PVP and PVE. basically what they needed to do is add a bit of gta v in it and it would be a much better game.

  7. The gun play is ridiculous. I run into a room, set three punks on fire while head shotting then – they limp away while shooting at me and kill me. It shouldn’t take seventeen shots in the face to kill somebody.
    Also I’m on a Hallway shooting through a door guy is running through the hallway I shooting him in the face and chest, he’s wearing a hoodie I start shooting him in the legs instinctually he just keeps running at me like some kind of super soldier on opium, I put probably six rounds in his legs alone. Two hits from a guy with a bat and I’m dead. It’s just ridiculous had to delete it.


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