New Year’s Eve WARNING: Seven health risks when watching fireworks in the cold

UK weather has been averaging around 8C over the last few weeks.

But who the temperature drops to below 8C, some people are at increased risk of serious health conditions.

While the common cold is popular during winter time, freezing cold weather can also have life-threatening consequences.

A person can be at increased risk of a number of serious health conditions, according to the NHS

These include:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Flu
  • Pneumonia
  • Falls and injuries
  • Hypothermia

Fireworks in particular can trigger one more serious health condition – asthma.

Fireworks can increase air pollution levels, irritate airways and trigger asthma symptoms.

But the health body has some simple tips to keep warm this New Year’s Eve to significantly reduce the risk of serious health problems developing.

When it comes to asthma and fireworks there are a number of precautions you should take.

Asthma UK advises:

  • Take your preventer medicines as prescribed and discussed with your GP or asthma nurse
  • Carry your reliever inhaler (usually blue) with you at all times – you never know when you may need it
  • Make sure your friends and family know what to do and when to get help if your asthma symptoms suddenly get worse

Cold weather can also trigger a very painful condition