Best Nine 2018 pictures are all over Instagram right now, with plenty of profiles posting their #2018BestNine at the moment.

It’s become an annual tradition, posting your Instagram Best Nine at the end of each year and the start of a new one.

The Instagram Best Nine – or Instagram Top 9 – rounds up a user’s most liked nine photos on Instagram and puts the snaps into a single collage.

Your Instagram Best Nine 2018 will be arranged so that your Top 9 Instagram pictures will all be displayed in one single photo.

But while posting an Instagram Best Nine has become a tradition on the site, it’s not something you will find on the Facebook-owned social network.

Instead, to create your Instagram Best Nine 2018 you will need to head to a third-party website called Top Nine.

If you want to create your Instagram Best Nine 2018 then visit and enter your Instagram username.

The website has a counter on it showing how many Instagram Best Nine 2018 collages have been created so far – and already millions have been made.

The Top Nine site says: “Life is all about experiences. Rediscover your best nine Instagram moments from 2018 and share them with your friends”.

If you’ve created an Instagram Top Nine before then you’ll notice things are slightly different for Instagram Best Nine 2018.

To create your Instagram Best Nine for 2018 you will now have to provide an e-mail address.

You will be sent your Instagram Best Nine 2018 picture collage in an e-mail once it’s ready.

Kevin Natanzon is the founder of Beta Labs, who are the developers of Top Nine.

Kevin previously explained that the reason this change was made is that in the past the Best Nine service wasn’t always able to create collages quickly.

So now Instagram users will get e-mailed their Instagram Best Nine 2018 instead of having to wait around for it to be ready.

Once your Instagram Best Nine 2018 is ready it can then be exported to an Instagram Story.

And if you’re using the Instagram Best Nine app you can put your Top 9 collage on items such as phone cases.

Items created in the Best Nine app take between one to three days to produce, and how long it takes to get delivered depends on the country you’re located in.

The Instagram Best Nine app is available to download from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

If you have set your Instagram account to private then you’ll have to use the Best Nine app instead of the website to create your Top 9.

However, if you want a bit more creative freedom then you can make your own Instagram Best Nine using Instagram’s own Layout app.

Just place the photos you want into a three by three grid – this way you won’t be tied down to your most liked pictures.

Instead of choosing your most popular snaps, you can just pick and choose the ones you like best for your Instagram Best Nine of 2018.


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