Melania Trump BEWILDERS internet as infamous tweet ‘mysteriously’ changes – HERE’s why

The tweet showed a photo of a beluga whale peeking out of the water. The caption read: “What is she thinking?” But on Saturday, Twitter users were left bewildered when they noticed the image changes based on the device being used to view the post.

When accessed on one device a beluga whale appears, however, when accessed on another, an image of a giraffe appears peering over a fence.

Taking to Twitter, one user wrote: “So the famous Melania Trump tweet of a beluga whale from 2012 has somehow mysteriously turned into a picture of a giraffe on my iPhone.

“But it is still a whale on my Android.

“How does that even happen?”

Another bewildered social media user wrote: “Same Melania tweet on my iPhone and my laptop.

“It renders on mobile as the beluga whale and on the right is the giraffe.

“Did she try to activate the Winter Soldier or something?”

While another said: “I swear this is not photoshopped.

“You know the famous Melania Trump ‘what is she thinking’ tweet?

“You know how it’s, like, a picture of a beluga whale, right?

“Well, why has it suddenly turned into a giraffe?

“Is anyone else seeing this?”

You cannot edit tweets on Twitter, but an article on Deadspin, published back in September revealed why this might have happened to Mrs Trump’s tweet.

The website published an article about a tweet which the Chicago Cubs baseball team shared, where the image had changed to a pornographic actress.

The article revealed the problem most likely occurred because of an expired image ID in the URL of the tweet, which had been reassigned to another image.

Melania’s tweet has now been returned to normal again and now just shows the image of the whale.