SNOWFLAKE DECORATIONS MAP LOCATIONS – UPDATE ONE: You can find a map of where to find the Fortnite snowflake decorations below.

The map shows there are nine locations you can head to in Fortnite Battle Royale where you will find snowflake decorations.

The Fortnite snowflake decorations map was published by Fortrisen – click here to check out their Twitter account.

ORIGINAL: Fortnite snowflake decorations is the latest challenge added to the 14 Days of Fortnite.

Destroy snowflake decorations was added on the 12th day of the 14 Days of Fortnite.

Fortnite Battle Royale players will need to destroy 12 snowflake decorations to complete the 14 Days challenge.

Once you destroy 12 Fortnite snowflake decorations you will be rewarded with a festive-themed treat.

If you’re struggling to complete destroy snowflake decorations then don’t worry, is here to help.

As explained in a post by YouTuber niitq your best bet is to head to Pleasant Park.

Plenty of buildings there have snowflake decorations on the walls or windows on the front.

Simply destroy these Fortnite snowflake decorations and you’ll be on your way to completing the 14 Days of Fortnite challenge.

You can also find plenty of Fortnite snowflake decorations in Tilted Towers, in various places with some hanging from lamp posts.

If you’re still struggling to spot them then check out this video from Fortbait which shows all the Fortnite snowflake locations.


In a post online Epic Games outlined how 14 Days of Fortnite works.

They said: “What better way to celebrate a great year of Fortnite than with a Fortnight of Fortnite?

“Our 14 days of Fortnite event kicks off in Battle Royale and Save the World on December 19.”

For Battle Royale fans, the Fortnite makers said: “The holidays have hit Battle Royale, and it’s shown across the map in a variety of ways.

“Pick up a Snowball Launcher or hide within a holiday-lit Legendary Bush after dropping from the festive Battle Bus!

“In addition to the map makeover, the 14 Days of Fortnite event will feature a new challenge with a new free reward every single day.

“Each day also brings both new and returning LTMs.

“And finally, be sure and check out the Item Shop for new and returning holiday outfits appearing daily to show off your holiday spirit.

“Login everyday to see what’s new!”


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