Capricorns are known for their practical approach, applying their intelligence and logic before making any decisions. And those born under Libra are perceived to be peaceful and gentle. The Moon is key today as it is making aspects with three other planets, with the more challenging ones balanced by the those that are beneficial.

The Sun is in the sign of Capricorn for the next three weeks, while the Moon is ending its spell in Libra.

While the Sun is in Capricorn, attention turns to your reputation and what it is you really want to be.

These thoughts are especially relevant now, as a new year is a time for reflection and renewal.

You may decide a new career is overdue or be reconsidering a relationship.

The Moon in Libra meanwhile enhances our educational traits, making this an unmissable opportunity.

The scales of Libra are also significant for discovering a balance in life.

Although you may lack clarity concerning what you need to do add or subtract at this time, you may begin to become aware which tasks you should tackle.

The forthcoming New Moon solar eclipse in early January may well provide that answer.

Until then, today is the time to prepare for 2019, because Capricorn’s energy always involves a form of sacrifice in the name of gain, even if it is delayed.

Astrology Insights astrologer Marina believes today’s negative aspects are balanced by the positive.

Today the transit Moon is in Libra for the whole day and it will make some interesting aspects with three other planets.

This suggest our main focus is on our relationships and communication with others.

And generally we should harmonise our lives with those important to us.

Marina said: “The Moon’s square with Pluto is a challenging aspect, potentially bringing confrontations or power struggles and emotions such as jealousy.

“So be cautious with this aspect and try and be supportive with others – don’s try and control them, even if it is for their own good.

“Allow other people to take ownership of their own decisions.”

The Moon’s opposition with Uranus is another challenging aspect, potentially bringing unexpected events.

Marina said: “Be receptive to change and don’t plan too far ahead because you may encounter a surprise.

“It may be positive to try something new and different today – providing freedom to others and yourself.”

The Moon’s sextile with Mercury is a more positive aspect.

This is a highly harmonising aspect, helping us to solve unspoken issues through communication.

Attempting to express your ideas will help your relationships in all areas of your life.

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