It’s the fourth quarter and the Cowboys are down 28-35 to the New York Giants and are facing a fourth-and-fifteen with 1:19 left on the clock.

With the ball on the Giants 32 yard-line, Dak Prescott wheels out of the pocket and throws a hail mary pass up the field.

Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley, in spectacular fashion, catches the pass in the end zone and in the process makes contact with his right knee before rolling off the field of play.

And as NFL aficionados know, one knee equals two feet in the end zone.


The officials ruled Beasley got a knee down and maintained control of the ball and awarded the Cowboys a touchdown, to bring the score to 34-35.

Still one point behind Cowboys head coach Garrett took the bold decision to go for the two-point conversion and Prescott duly delivered.

When asked bout the play after the game Garrett marvelled at Prescott and Beasley’s play.

“Pretty remarkable play by our quarterback and receiver,” Garrett said.

“Obviously they put some pressure on him and he had to hit out of the pocket, Dak does such a great job of moving in the pocket, does such a great job keeping his eyes up and making those throws on the run.

“One thing to understand, when you have a movement quarterback like that there are a lot of good plays that he’ll make too.

“And that was as good a play that I have ever seen him make.

“And Beasley made a big time catch on the other end of it.”

Garrett justified his decision about going for the two-point conversion by saying: “It felt like it was the right thing to do.

“We are going to play a game next week and lets go win it right now.

“We have two-point plays ready, that we prepare all week long, all year long.

“So we have a few of them that we like and we talk about which ones we like best and you go execute it.

“And Dak liked that one and did one hell of a job executing it.”

Prescott finished the game with 387 yards for four touchdowns and a quarterback rating of 120.2

When quizzed about his decision to play Prescott and so many other first-string players, Garrett said: “That was just our decision.

“We wanted him [Prescott] to play and wanted our guys to play.

“If guys weren’t healthy or banged up we are going to keep them out of the ball game, but everyone else is going to play.

“We wanted to practice well and wanted to play well in this ball game.

“It was far from a perfect game, we will go back and there are plenty of things we have to get better at, on offence, defence and the kicking game, we recognise that.

“But I tell you what, the relentless spirit of this football team showed up, played 60 minutes, handled some success, handled some adversity and come back and did what we needed to do to win.

“It was an opportunity for us to improve as a football team, to finish strong and have some momentum going into the playoffs.”


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