Tom Vasel takes a look at what’s going on in Kickstarter

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  1. I really dislike gameplay-changing Kickstarter exclusives. Companies are definitely playing on the psychology of FOMO to get people to back.

    However, I’m all for blinged-out deluxified Kickstarter exclusives or non-exclusive expansions thrown in.

  2. I have seen multiple kick starters where they encourage going to boardgame geek and voting. They put it in updates, even believe I want saw it as a “social goal” where they had enough ratings they would release some new component. Obviously not all kick starter games do this, but it might skew the results. We would really have to look at the campaigns for all those top rated ones to see if they encourage people or not. And if they do, do they do it a lot.

  3. I agree with Zee; I don’t like the CMON approach of buy everything now or never see it again. Then it leads to ridiculous stuff like we saw with the blood rage digital KS where they had to make what essentially amounts to knock offs of the original exclusives. Dumb

  4. I want some exclusive with KS: I want to be rewarded if I "invest" in a new game. I'm going to undergo into the stress of waiting, receiving and such and such…so i want an exclusive (even small). I don't want to invest in a game that is going to be identical to the retail version, see it in the store before my copy shows up at my place (maybe damaged). Also for the price.. So many times I've seen games cheaper at the retail just because there are no shipping fee included. Big thumb up for KS exclusive it is a way to treat your backers somehow special for their contribution

  5. Zee is a perfect addition to crowdsurfing. He needs to be a regular, Tom.

    Sorry Tom, but I disagree with you on the added material in a kickstarter not being fair. If you want the stuff you should kickstart it, that is the advantage of supporting these publishers. Without kickstarters, there is no retail sales for many of them, so we take a risk (if the game is good or bad). Try to be understanding for those shelling out the money in advance. It is only fair.

  6. How quickly it funded is just as important as any other marketing info. Gees, enough. Kickstarter is MARKETING! In no way, shape or form is that alone supposed to make anyone back the project. So the fact that it doesn't make you back a project right away isn't a basis for anything. If that's a trigger for anyone then it might be best to just skip over it.

  7. Tons of great games came out of Kickstarter.
    Tons of garbage games came out of Kickstarter.
    Tons of great games came out of publishing.
    Tons of garbage games came out of publishing.

    What's the point of the point trying to be made here? You either like a game or not. Buy it or not. Have fun with it or not.

  8. Tom and Zee, thanks for a great episode! I could tell you had a great time filming and completing the experience together. I enjoy the sarcastic discourse and back-and-forth that a special guest offers; I would suggest including more guests in future episodes. It is also nice to have input from different perspectives and a chance to openly discuss thoughts with another person on screen in real time. Plus, Zee is a great addition, regardless 🙂

    As for the Facebook app-esque games, don't click the random pop-up ads! Your gamer character will get hacked and you will make embarrassing moves that will result in your humiliating defeat.

    Jamey, do you think specific hook techniques are better depending on the type of game? For instance, is artwork as the primary hook more important for a miniatures game vs a worker placement game? Or, would a miniatures game–which is heavily focused on quality components–be more set apart from a myriad of competitors by focusing on a less genre-prevalent primary hook, such as name or marketing? Do you have a hook style that you personally find most successful in drawing your attention?


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