Tom Vasel takes a look at his favorite small games of 2018, live!

Power went out at the end, so it’s a bit abrupt.

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  1. Palm Island is an excellent solo (or 2p co-op or competitive, but really solo) game that you can play just in your hands, without a table. Was Fantasy Realms released in 2018? It's a great card drafting game for up to 6 players. Lots of card combos!

  2. Mr Vasel, you never have to validate or defend your opinions ever! Whatever you say, we like your opinions fully and happily. I like your opinions even when I disagree, so please do not defend yourself in every video. Your true fans listen to you and your opinions always. Please be comfortable and God bless you and The Dice Tower and your family always. I have always loved your content. Thank you for making each week of my life a special one when life is really dull and sad. Merry Christmas!! ^_^

  3. Hey Dice Tower, a suggestion for top 10: best cerebral/intellectually stimulating games (a list of most fun mentally challenging game across genres like puzzle, area control, strategy, worker placement etc).

  4. I highly recommend “Space Park” Tom. It’s small, fast, easy, but surprisingly strategic. It’s been our favorite small, short game to whip out this year, and in my overall top 10 list of overall games of 2018. Unique game play as well, we love its mechanics.

  5. I laughed out loud at cake duel because I saw this a few years ago at gen con and as the guy was showing it I just thought it was so stupid and the game just wasn’t fun to me

  6. I'm gonna look for Illusion, sounds cool 🙂 NSV is already one of my favourite companies. Qwinto and Quixx are fun and on Christmas we had great success playing Knister with our parents – that usually never play anything.


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