EBook Starting – Write a Book Chapter to Turn Readers Into Clients

You need to think about your audience and what they want in any given chapter. And, what kind of time they want to spend on learning from you.

How to Write to Please your Audience

1. Think a short book first. This is the best eBook starting tip for anyone. Write only 3-5 chapters for one book with an angle (sells better). Write other companion books that your can sell as a series or larger package that makes you still the expert, and makes you more money too.

Yes, college text chapters are 35 pages long, and traditional publishers like 10-15 chapters with around 25 pages each.

Remember, you are not writing for them; you're writing for YOU and your mirror audience. They do not want to read a book of over 200 pages in their already laden schedule. Your business audience wants 1, 2, 3 solutions for particular challenges that your chapter titles should reflect.

2. Think a eBook for easy delivery for you, the author. Your potential clients want to download this format instantly from your Web site at any time of the day or night, and will gladly print the whole book out if it's around 100 pages. Or they can just print the chapters they need to. They enjoy this convenience and your audience will not be going to the local bookstore to find your title. They may go on Amazon, where I have one book in several formats, but you, the author, will not get a big profit this way.

3. Give your short eBook (approximately 15-35 pages) away to your potential clients. Better than a business card, they'll see your writing ability and love the short how to's you include for them.

Do not hold back for the big book that follows. Give as much as you can in each publication. You can use the free eBook as a giveaway included for your ezine subscribers too. It must be really informative or it will not pull.

At every free eBook's final words, include an offer to get your more complete packages or coaching. You've been surprised how ready your potential clients are ready to be in the 5% Success Club.

4. Write each chapter's middle first. First, include questions your potential clients want answered. You already know these from your coaching practice, speaker talks or your other service business.

5. Write your chapter beginning-introduction with a stimulating hook first and show compilation for your reader's particular problem in your niche. Do this with 1-3 questions about their challenges as first sentences.

6. Include your chapter beginning-introduction with a simple sentence or two about what benefits your chapter offers. When you plan first, you'll write smooth paragraphs and all will relate to your chapter title, a good chapter fast writing practice that does not need much editing.

7. Write your conclusion as you would a mini sales letter to motivate your readers to the next chapter. This comes after your summary or "take away thoughts" or "action steps" for the present chapter. The conclusion is different from what you've been taught so far. For you last paragraph in about one or two sentences, you give your readers a reason to keep turning the pages to the next chapter. That means naming three-five benefits in the next one.

Now you've engaged your readers so they will finish the book.
It's not until they finish a book that they will want to spread the good work. Then, they become your 24/7 sales team for word-of-mouth success.

Write a book chapter fast with this "Fast-Forward" chapter-writing plan and you only need one line edit – a much less expensive and frustrating journey.

Results? You'll get your outstanding eBook finished in less than a month and get it selling and branding you as the expert in your field. You'll also get tons of testimonials you can use to refresh your book's web sales letter and other promotions such as email campaigns.