Autoresponders – Imaginative Uses to Increase Your Mailing List and Improve Your Profits

Autoresponders are a great way to build a mailing list of interested potential customers and we have some very imaginative methods of gaining the confidence of your subscribers.

ECourse: Pick a series of articles you have written or dissect a PLR ebook that you have and produce an eCourse on a subject you know a lot about. Offer it from one of your web sites.

Quizzes: Set up a series of quizzes on your web site and let people sign up on your autoresponder for the answers. You can use your web site subject for your quiz. You can also include a small prize for participation.

Reference Material: Produce a lot of reference material on your chosen subject and place it on your autoresponder. This can also supply groups of interesting links.

Results: You can regularly update your autoresponder with results of sports games, lotteries etc.

Events and News: Send out up to date autoresponder messages with details of future events and current news. This is particularly useful for realtors, estate agents and event managers.

Reviews: Send out regular reviews films, books, web sites, software groups, music etc.

Tips: Send out regular tips, recipes, how to's etc.

Affiliates and Links: Send requests for links and affiliates to an autoresponder address. You can then send details to them via your autoresponder and keep them updated on your business and marketing activities.

Hope these have given you some ideas. You must ensure that you:

1. Always use double opt in to keep CAN Spam compliant.

2. Ensure your subscribers are aware that they are subscribing to your list.

3. Let your subscribers know that their email will not be sold on – and do not sell it on!