Currently our artificial intelligence research is not quite as good as a human organic brain however it will not be long before computers can beat a human in a dog fight. There are many limitations to an organic human to a UAV with special electronics, which can withstand 18 G's. Pilots black out at 8 to 10 G's thus giving up an advantage to the "aggressor" computerized version. However a pilot thinks and can change the game and rules to win, whereas a computer program is based on a complex set of rules.

Indeed a computer has disadvantages as it can not think and adapt, yet as we design them to learn or program themselves and share that information with the entire whole of all the other computers running all the other units in the robotic net-centric battlespace, everything will change forever. I propose we must get to that point if we expect to send computers and robots to war to serve our political will. With such a system developed and battlebots, UAVs and computers learning and programming themselves; you will need one hell of a pilot to overcome that consistently. I would bet on the computer or I would bet on me. But I would not need to put my money on any old human fighter pilot, for most will die in that scenario and it is coming in the future, we should not kid ourselves. That statement is not coming from science fiction authors; in fact that is coming from deductive reasoning and observing humans doing things in all aspects of their life experiences over and over again, often making the same mistake (doomed to repeat).

Let's face it even a racket ball master tournament winner knows it takes 25,000 strokes to commit an action to muscle memory. Fighter Pilots just do not have that kind of time and you know We do not teach, train or school humans to think anymore, we train them to react a certain way to a certain problem. Only those who can think will win. I know so few, how about you? Luckily previously most war planners and robotic research scientists are currently pro-human pilot or should I say "no pilot left behind," but in the end that will only mean all humans left behind if we are not honest with the obvious future. We will develop computers, which can not be beaten by the current organic human brains. Either we upgrade the human brain through DNA manipulation and computer interface assist or humans will lose to those who control the robots and then the battle will be one before it is cooked. I propose that the side that is doing what it right and for the right reasons. I propose we spend massive amounts on robotic research to insure that is our team.

If you doubt the potential of this possible future, think for a second, as we already have UAVs, which down aircraft they called SAMs with a "single mission" in mind to kill a human piloted aircraft. And we have missiles, which shoot down other missiles, which is kind of a dummy Computer VS. Computer war; Egypt Robot VS Robot is not it? No one can claim that no human has ever been shot down by a SAM able to handle 18 G's. Even when the pilot wins the enemy could simply change its strategy and what do you do when they shoot three or (2) sets of three at your human pilot, as they watch their airspeed and maneuverability bleed off? Eject? Why? Because you are out of cards, airspeed, visual overload, lack of situational awareness and still have two-more coming at you and if they fail another set of three, until you die or piss. Robots and computers are already beating human fighter pilots, if you really think about it from a more abstract point. Think on this.


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