Doris Hullett attended a "LinkedIn Power-User Strategies Webinar," an excellent training by Nate Kievman, and is reviewing some of the session's business marketing strategy highlights to assist you in your network marketing solutions.

What is LinkedIn? It is the # 1 Professional Network; it also is an excellent resource for career search.

Did you know there are 79 million business decision makers, and 1.3 million small business owners on LinkedIn? The average age of the LinkedIn member is 43. People holding a BA and Post- are 77.6%, and that there are currently 65,000,000 users!

A poll was taken concurrent with the webinar. The poll statistics found that the attendees were interested in the following features (they were asked to check off all areas of interest which applied to them):

Career Advancement 44%
Business Development 72%
Professional Branding 58%
Lead Generation 55%
Coaching 19%

There are three fundamental boxes to LinkedIn success, and these core methods will assist you in your target market success.

Pillar One: Professional Development – Do you have a brand marketing strategy?

-¡ To build your personal brand, make sure your profile is 100% complete. Fifty-six percent of those attending the webinar did not have their profile finished.

-¡ Add a book, video or blog application to your profile. Adding an application makes you a little more unique.

-¡ Have a professional headline in the header. A professional headline under your name actually helps to identify you. This is one example of how attraction marketing is woven into your profile.

Pillar Two: Marketing – What Internet Marketing Strategies do you use?

-¡ Make sure the topics you post are relevant in the different groups to which you belong. You may post and answer questions.

-¡ Be brief. Be compelling. Be professional.

-¡ Create "engagement" or conversation. When you post, remember what your business objective is. You do not needlessly have to post every day in groups, as you would on a blog. A good indicator to how often you should post would be to watch the activity in the group.

-¡ Twitter feeds are a good idea to add into your profile social networks.

Pillar Three: Joint Ventures – Good Old Fashioned Partnering

-¡ Partnering creates goodwill, distribution channels, and most importantly, bridge- building to success.

-¡Do not discount the value of joint ventures for targeting your market.

LinkedIn is continuously driving to improve their service to users, and updates are currently being initiated to improve user performance.

May the "LinkedIn Power-User Strategies Webinar" review which highlighted solutions in LinkedIn assist you in your network marketing and business growth.


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