Hades is the next big thing from Supergiant. From what I’ve played so far, I think it’s pretty clear that these guys are once again on track to deliver.

No surprises there.

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  1. Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed the video, be sure to hit the like and subscribe buttons, and if you REALLY liked the video, consider supporting me on Patreon. You get a fancy script every time I do one of my big 'The Review' reviews: https://www.patreon.com/skillupyt

    If you're looking for a nice gift or just to spoil yourself, check out Displate metallic posters. I have a dozen or so and they're pretty rad: https://displate.com/skillup?art=5bc5a8ccc88fd

  2. Good review but you made some mistakes.
    The yellow bar is armo of the enemy. They only appear when you enter “harder path”, which is shown by a little skull on the item showing what you get in the next room. These rooms will give more resources so you can get stronger easily if you are good/lucky enough. There are boons that would help a lot against armo so it shouldnt be a problem.
    The game is fun so far but it still has lot of problems. However devs are working really hard to fix every bugs players have found and reported back to them. Love it. The full game will be out in around a year

  3. So…now that you're reviewing indie stuff, any chance you'll review ATOM RPG? I'm 3 days into it and I freaking love it, and now that Fallout 76 has been such a total disgrace, I'm betting there are others who'd like an alternative to scratch their post-nuclear-apocalypse itch.

  4. I thought transistor was amazing the first playthrough, while i was figuring out the combat mechanics. Then on the second playthrough, i found out the entire gimmick of the combat system wasnt only unnecessary, but actually hindered you once you knew what you were doing. I stopped using it and cleared the game in half the time. In my mind i cant get past that moment of realization and fault every other supergiant game for that moment in that one game.

  5. Supergiant's best game was Bastion and they somehow seem to get worse with each game. But because Bastion was really great, even a bad Supergiant game is still good. What I want from the final release: The ability to turn off permadeath. The way they are going downhill their next game is probably a zombie survival game.

  6. Would you mind doing a review on Hollow Knight? Also an other rly good rogue like game, is the bullethell enter the gungeon. If you dont know these, I suggest you check them out, They are good games.

  7. Supergiant Games is one of those developers like CD Projekt Red where as soon as they announce something i'm sold. I don't need gameplay from developers that i have so much trust in.

  8. You had me at hit boxes are accurate…. fuck thats one of my biggest gripes with games. Especially skill effects! Where the animations/visuals from the skill are not representative of the damage hit box the skill uses… so uselss.
    EDIT: It's bad enough we had to deal with exclusivity between consoles, and consoles/pcs, but now we deal with it between applications on pcs… this is crap. Exclusivity is never a benefit to the consumer, yet we are the ones it directly affects :/

  9. the all "I would like this on steam rather than Epic Store" is a valid consumer point, but there is nothing to say about it, Epic store is better for developers and developers will support it. Supergiant will not lose millions just to have the game on Steam, a platform that is not working anymore as a showcase, but just a place for devs to put a digital copy on sale. Anyway, everybody always complained about Steam, now that a (curated) alternative comes out nobody likes it? Just to recap steam takes 30 %, Epic store takes 12%. That 18% is a good reason not to sell games on steam anymore. Tim Sweeney said that Steam would be profitable at 8% … I guess it's just a matter of time than another Store will come up with a 8/92 share for devs.

  10. I don't know if you reviewed it but you should do a review of a game called Firewatch. Firewatch is an emotional journey following a character named Henry. The game makes you feel physical sympathy towards the characters. The ending is basically you running into a brick wall full force, it was the only game in a while that made me rethink what im doing. If you do end up doing this game I hope you enjoy!

  11. I hope they make Achilles into a boss fight, after all the friendship he build up with the main character and he is employed by the hades after all.
    In fact I hope I can fight every npc in the future they all seems awesome except medusa she is just adorable.

  12. I just don’t understand why people hate using different launchers. There is nothing wrong with loading in a different launcher. I use several different launchers and I see no problem. It’s just fucking petty.

  13. Hey guys, I know this is completely unrelated to the review, but I wanted to ask: is it worth buying the Destiny 1 Collection? I’ve always wanted to give it a try as a pure Warframe player.


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