GRIS was one of the highlights of my year, in and beyond gaming. Please buy and play this game.

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  1. you know i think Gris is the only game that has ever actually caused me to cry actual tears of sadness. everything about it is hauntingly beautiful. As i watched the review it set me off again and im not even playing it while i watch

  2. Honestly i thought about buying this game because of the way the trailer made me feel…this game just had everything games now a days seem to lack and thats teally what grabbed my attention at first… but then i decided tp watch a review about it to try to see if it was good ended up watching some fool on IGN that completely missed the point about this masterpiece… then i went to the comment section of that review and people recommended tp watch this review towards like half of your review i stopped watching and got the point of the game myself… WHY DO I LET FOOLS TELL ME WHATS A GOOD GAME OR NOT!!! ITS ABOUT THE CONNETION AND THE JOURNEY!!! ITS ABOUT THE BEAUTY!!! I SWEAR THIS GAME IS LIKE LIFE!!! YOU FOCUS ON THE BEAUTY OF IT!!! thanks for this man… im definetly buying this game…

  3. Have you ever looked at the game Transistor? Gris reminds me of that masterpiece. The devs have also made Bastion and are working on a new game Hades, and Transistor has one of the best ending sequences I've ever seen. The music is central to the game (as you play as a singer who lost her voice) and the lyrics in the boss battles tell you so much… and, as I mentioned, that ending. Whew. That ending. I bawled my eyes out. I know the game's been out for a while, but considering the appreciation you showed for Nier Automata (thanks for that, by the way) I'd really like to hear what you think about Transistor! (personally I'm not a fan of the gameplay, but the storytelling and music makes it so worth it)

  4. This looks like something I would gladly pay for. You can see the work put into it was out of a creative drive and the artistic intention they were going for. Looks like it would be like playing a painting that is playing a symphony in a field of flowers. Beautiful.

    I want to hang a flat screen TV like a painting on the wall with a frame around it and play recorded play-through's on it. I wonder if there is a large kindle type screen that has the real paper look instead of LCD….Hmmmm. I want to some how hide all of the equipment behind the framed flat screen or hide it in the wall with just a small controller under it that also looks like wall art beneath it on a retracting cord so when you let it go after playing it pulls back to the wall and into place when you are done. Wait, have I just invented something cool? Should I keep this idea to myself? Nah…….Let them eat cake!

  5. Phenomenal. As I've gotten older, I care less and less about competitive games, online play, action, adventure, I just want an experience. Games like Journey, ABZU, and Gris are just that. An experience. We need more of this.


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