God of War is every bit the over-the-top action game you expect, but it’s the story and setting that end up stealing the show.

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  1. Simple stories and complex characters is clearly a winning formula for Sony. Keep impressing me with high production-value games!

    Microsoft crying over in the corner

  2. How is nobody talking about the lacklustre boss fights in God of war 2018? I mean some of the bosses were the same *RESKINNED DUDE*. Literally. How the fuck do you people just accept that lazy shit? The ending fight was lame as fuck. Fighting a bunch of fairies with orange/blue/grey blood was lame as fuck. They took the gore out. Kratos used to be relentless. There were no big moments and no interesting bosses in this game as compared to the previous games. No brutal executions. What made these games succesful in the past were the dope bosses, unfiltered gore, and the story. The story in this game was dull. There was no real purpose. Honestly this series used to be for grown-ups but they fucked that up with this game by making it for a wider childish audience. I am left deeply dissatisfied with this newest installment. It aint got shit on GOW3. WASTE OF MONEY. Graphics were pretty I guess.

  3. 8/10 and heres the reason why. Combat was not near my expectations! We've been robbed out of jumping option aswell. Camera angle was the biggest problem for me because I found myself staring at kratos back and couldnt enjoy the beautiful landscapes that game offered. The graphics are good but the world just didnt feel alive because there wasnt enough folks in it. I didnt like the healthbar of enemies (not sure if theres was an option to turn it off). Theres alot of things I liked about the game.

  4. Ehhh. This game never grabbed me..The switch over from chain welding blades to the slow yielding axe killed combat for me..I put it down and away after 1 week. Not that enjoyable for me.. When m done with Red Dead I'll give it another go. An 8 at best for me

  5. Do y'all think kratos son will kill him because its in they bloodline like Zeus said one his sons will kill him. Zeus dad eat his kids because he thought the same thing.


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