So since my Spyro video showing my wife debunking the Eurogamer review, I have thought more about these arising issues in the gaming community… the review sites.

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  1. But if you don't know what you like by looking at it I don't know what to tell you but you should be able to know yourself and what you like without having somebody telling you what's bad or what's good

  2. I never took gaming critics seriously as they're not real gamers and only care about the story and difficulty. Because of this, nearly every reviewer are always cynical and just say "This game sucks" or "It's harder than Dark Souls" without even playing that game.

  3. I've been playing games since I was 10 in the 90s so I've been playing games for a lot of years so I definitely know what I like and what I don't and I don't need somebody to tell me what I'm supposed to play or what's bad because this games that everybody else don't like that I liked and there's games that everybody late but I didn't

  4. To me what I think a lot of game dev are doing now or should do, which can hurt them even more is hire gamers to come and spend then time playing games.

    There are so many great gamers out there that can show gameplay of a game. I'm tired of these fake actor who are reading from a piece of paper of how they should sound, what to do, or whatever.

  5. A lot of the time with game reviews, I just watch them to see other people's opinions or to have a laugh at how bad they think the game is (when it usually isn't imo). They don't typically make me more hyped or want to buy a game more or less, However there are a few exceptions, Your Spyro review made me need the game now and Skill Up's review of Gris pushed me over the edge on purchase (and I am glad I did)

  6. if you ask me, especially with Obsidian missing that score by 1 point, it shouldn't be about that score. It should only be based on sales numbers. A games score should never dictate if it's good or bad. It's only an opinion of what people think of it, but if the company sells few hundred million copies, they still got a ton of money and that's what the companies are after at the end of the day, and if you ask me, THAT is a successful game if they sell enough to make a profit.
    However there is an argument to be made about that, where companies promise you the best game ever on the premise alone like Fallout 76 did. "Play Fallout with your friends? Hell yeah, I'm buying that!" and then they get it and turns out it's absolute garbage.

  7. I rarely believe reviewers as in the case of God of War 2018, I played all the past ones, yes, all of them before God of War 2018, so no nostalgia, I was playing not only for 2018's to be the end point but also background on what the past ones did as well as more games of the genres I'm into right now like I have with Bayonetta, Darksiders, Ninja Gaiden and similar enough combat in Spiderman. But God of War 2018 isn't a masterpiece to me at all, it loses a lot, it gains other things to 'modernise' it for action adventure gamers over hack n slash/action gamers, it might have been a transition but it lost a lot, gained a few ok things and even when talking to family who also played it before me since I played all the past ones to the end of the story for each at least, I noticed a lot. I get why they got 8's for review scores, but God of War's transition isn't a 10 for me, its a reboot/prototype for the future games, it a 8/9 but not a 10, maybe even a 7.9 or so. I found more out of the hardware pushing moments of 2 or 3 than 2018's, its a good game, but the slower moment, the genre change and the extras to add to this one like the skill tree over the ability wheel for spending XP orbs into isn't a bad idea but I rarely use much from it. I do find the air combos, or other things in Bayonetta or Darksiders more satisfying than God of War's focus on combat, and God of War 2018 is a transition that might work for people but for me it is a reboot/direction changer. Even Assassin's Creed Origins/Odyssey, its a direction changer that certain fans can't get behind. And they aren't nostalgic about it, its the execution of what some things changed, added or so. I do find the Donkey Kong review is a move to sell Switch games though, like with anything, the games might be good legitimately I don't deny that, but its more so for selling copies than actual praise and that's disgusting but not unheard of business practices these days or ever for reviews. This video was a good video, I play it for myself usually, and I can tell from the trailers what the game is, what elements it has and otherwise by looking at it from my genre knowledge at least unless a feature is a bit different to my past knowledge I just add it to my knowledge but blend things together sometimes XD Some reviews are very clear and others are to be watched out for. Its annoying, its why I only read the articles and never take it too seriously. But power of writing/persuasion or truth itsn't always the case I know.

  8. CGE!! You should do a video on the odds of them making sly cooper 5, i played the sly cooper games religiously as a kid and it would be so nice to see what you could dig up on it or if they’re even gonna make another game at all. also do you believe it’ll get a remake at all??

  9. A number declaring the quality of a game means very little. What you (the consumer) need to do is get an idea of what the game actually is beyond the limitations of descriptive words. For example, I love Dead Rising 2 and 3; I saw that DR4 got mixed reviews on Steam, but based on how much I love the previous games (and from gameplay videos I saw of DR4) I was confident that I would enjoy it.

    And I was right

  10. 4.55 You mention that Bethesda should be the ones deciding on the bonus payout. I 100% disagree with you on this. It's even worse for one group than multiple groups to make the final decision on a bonus payout. Businesses don't play nice, they decide with money. If the decision is on Bethesda, they will more than likely not give the bonus pay. Why should Bethesda care about Obsidian? I mean, see for yourself. Look at how Bethesda is treating their customers at the moment. They are not showing the quality that they use to present. They are being completely selfish because…well, they can get away with it. You really want to give them even MORE power?

    What would be the best solution? Like you said afterwards, choose the author of reviews much more carefully. In fact, it should be more thoroughly examined than what it currently is. A certain amount of playtime needs to be added before reviewing and conditions need to be met (i.e. finishing the game, doing side missions, etc). Rush reviews is definitely the problem and I know you know this. You've examined the issue thoroughly but you've given the wrong solution. Don't ever give the full power of payouts to publishers. Can you imagine what that will result to? Think what EA and Activision will do with this system. Bethesda is becoming just as bad as they are right now.

  11. Reviews and the narrative that a Crash game not developed by ND was gonna suck is what sunk Crash Bandicoot on the PS2. Had people given those games a chance the reviews would have reflected it. Granted Wrath of Cortex and Nitro Kart weren’t good games but they weren’t as bad as you would think when reading the reviews or opinions on forums

  12. A really good example of the donkey kong review is Doom on the switch. Ign gave Doom a 7/10 on ps4, pc and xbox. But the switch version which is a great port but an all round inferior version of the game got an 8/10. How?

  13. I'm gonna say this, the more I hear of whinny little gamers saying a game is about as hard as "Dark Souls" the more it starts to sound like a freaking excuse that they can't play a game. Because of this I now despise the "Dark Souls" series, I already didn't like it but now I can't stand it. I tell you a game that maybe even harder then "Dark Souls". Try playing the original Ninja Guiden on N.E.S. it's now on the Switch.

  14. Sorry but you are… a single point makes the whole difference…

    Just one single mile in the border and you are in another country o even other state with different rules that can put you in jail and will be no consideration there…

    Every sand drop make a beach.

    The problem is not the Bethesda didnt pay them…

    The problem is that Bethesda let that SJW NPC “Opinion” have more power that the numbers of sales that that VG had…

    They didnt was meritocratic at all, they based their bonus of others that may not even are customers opinion…

    That is what happen when you let Lefties take control of everything…

    They based everything in mere words that can be lies and not in facts nor talent.

  15. Dont be naïve… they know exactly how much power “critics/reviewers” has…

    And they are using it to indoctrinate innocent and/or ignorant people into their political ideology of mediocrity and conformism…

    That is why all the VG “Press” are against gamers and pro casuals…

    Because they want the whole industry to change into their none existing talent

    That is why their main requisites are “easier games”

    They exactly what they are doing, why they are doing it, and which benefits they will obtain

    Anita Sarkeesian is the personification of it

  16. Funky Kong is the same as saying “Very very VERY easy retarded Journalist Mode”

    That is one reason to give it a 9/10

    The other is

    No one dares to give a bad review to Nintendo products nowadays because the trending power of the Switch…

    Anyone who dare to speak bad about Nintendo will face the Trending mob rage…

    Also, lefties HAS to love Nintendo because is a mediocre console that for 3rd time in a row how developers with graphics of the last gen…

    So Nintendo is like feminist who defend islam…
    They hate rape, patriarchy, etc and even when islam is more those things than the “evil” white male… feminist and even LGBT activists have to defend Islam because they “are” too an “Oppressed Minority”…
    And if they don’t defend them, their whole argument will vanish…

    Nintendo Switch is making everyone mediocre and conformist like lefties want, so they HAVE to defend their team

  17. people need to think for themselves and stop depending on game review sites to dictate to them what is a good game or not. i mean, don't you have your own personal likes and dislikes…….so why make yourself dependent on somebody else's opinion on their likes and dislikes. be your own person. if you see a game that looks interesting to you, then simply go out and buy it and play it for yourself. sitting back and listening to someone else's opinion which might be loaded with multiple biases and hidden agendas should never replace your own ability to still think for yourself and play games that you want to try out.

  18. It's worth pointing out with the Fallout New Vegas bonus thing that the bonus is on top of what they normally get paid so it's not a nessessity to stay in business but an extra thing to thank Obsidian if they did a good enough job. Obsidian knew about and agreed to the terms Bethesda set out and while it's sad to miss out on the bonus by 1 point they still didn't meet the terms of the bonus. Bethesda could be generous and just give the bonus anyway but that sets a bad president for the business in that it makes Bethesda look like Bethesda will pay out if you get close to agreed terms rather than meeting or exceeding them.


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