Can you keep your turkey outside? What to do if your turkey doesn’t fit in the fridge

Although this may sound like a genius idea in the middle of winter, it’s not the best idea to keep the meat outside.

Can you keep your turkey outdoors?

Keeping your turkey outside depends on the temperature.

A thawed turkey should be stored ideally at no more than 4.4 degrees C, according to My Fearless Kitchen.

However, if the sunlight hits where you’ve stored the bird, for example in the garage, this will increase the temperature so it’s best to avoid this risk.

If you’re keeping your turkey in the freezer, your freezer should be set to -17.7C.

Turkeys can be stored fully frozen for up to two years.

Can you defrost your turkey outside?

Although ideally your turkey should be kept in the fridge, you may be able to thaw it in the garage if it needs defrosting.

The NHS advise you keep it out of reach of children and animals, and in a safe place.

They said: “If the bird is too big for the fridge, put it somewhere out of reach from animals and children, and where it won’t touch other foods. A cool room, shed or garage are all good places.”

However, they also warn you keep an eye on any change in temperature.

“If you’re not using the fridge, watch out for sudden changes in room temperature, as they could prevent the turkey from thawing evenly,” the NHS add.

If you are defrosting your turkey in the fridge, ideally you should allow it to thaw in the fridge allowing 10 to 12 hours per kilogram.

If defrosting it at room temperature, allow approximately two hours per kilogram.

Where to store your turkey if it doesn’t fit in the fridge

My Fearless Kitchen recommend you keep the turkey in a cooler with ice packs if you don’t have space in the refrigerator.

However, it’s vital you change the ice packs regularly to keep the meat cool enough.

It’s best to place a thermometer inside the cooler so you can keep an eye on it.