NBA news: LeBron James SLAMMED for wrecking relationship with Lakers team-mates over THIS

Reports have linked the Lakers with a potential trade for the New Orleans Pelicans star.

Whilst Pelicans head coach Alvin Gentry flat out declared that there is no way he would be traded, rumours have grown about a deal.

It is believed that the Lakers would have to deal multiple young assets to sign the superstar.

And if a deal was to be made, a third team could have to be drawn in to give extra firepower to the Lakers’ offering.

James himself said it “would be amazing” to play alongside Davis, a soundbite that has caused controversy in the league.

ESPN reports that some of the smaller franchises in the league are unhappy with James’ comments, and want him fined for them.

But Fox Sports pundit Chris Broussard instead stated that the real problem was that James was essentially admitting he would be okay with some of his team-mates being traded.

“The thing the executive [anonymous league executive] told me was ‘why wasn’t the follow up question – who are you giving up?’” he told Colin Cowherd on ‘The Herd with Colin Cowherd’.

“Who would you give up for Davis?

“If you’re on his team you’re thinking ‘well, wait a minute. We can’t just go sign Anthony Davis, so Bron saying it’ll be amazing to get him, is he saying me, you, or you should be shipped out?’.

“Well, yeah, he is.”

Broussard also weighed in on the possibility of James being fined.

It is against regulation in the NBA to discuss players’ free-agency decisions or make public declarations/offers to them.

Earlier in the year, Magic Johnson was fined £395,000 [$500,000] for an interview on Jimmy Kimmel live for his quotes about James’ pending free agency.

“I talked to an executive yesterday and he said the same thing, if Rob Pelinka or Magic Johnson said the same thing, it would be tampering,” he added.

“So how does LeBron get away with it?

“He didn’t say that much, he just said common sense.

“But it does let a guy know you want him to come to your team.”