Battlefield 5 Review. The gameplay is brilliant, but is this the new Battlefield WW2 Game that everyone wanted? Let’s take an extensive look at this beautiful game. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. Presented by EA Gamechangers.


  1. A war story should have been focused on the rebels in Denmark and ended as your character dieing along with someone of your squad, then have a cutscene where your family would try and get the body back but they couldnt (because the nazi's didnt let people have their childrens bodies who were in the rebellion to have a proper burial)

  2. Ffs another game putting battle royal in it give it a rest bring something new out not something that’s already been done we want a game we can play where it’s not a bunch of little kids pissing down there legs for a shitty battle royal the fuck out of here

  3. Yeah I hate the "getting stuck against little bits of scenery" bug. It's been around at least since BF3. How many avoidable deaths have I suffered from getting stuck against a twig lol. What annoyed me with BF1 was the vehicle re-spawn bug. I used to have some good tactics with the vehicles but on some maps, the vehicle would not spawn back if you got destroyed. I would have a vehicle full of players and have good long sprees at capping flags and harassing the other team and when you did get destroyed, the vehicle would never spawn back at the spawn and that's the end of that. Bit of a game breaker on some maps for me. I did find new tactics that didn't involve the vehicles but it was way less fun. Just a shame BF suffers from irritations like this else it would be a really good game instead of a good game.

  4. I'm a WW2 enthusiast and I'm thinking about trying out one of the Battlefield games. It seems that 5 is less than historically accurate though. Can anyone please give me some advice on which, in their opinion, is the best one of the series for me to start with? I'm a beginning gamer but I do love either the European theater or the Pacific for storylines.


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