Liverpool news: Jurgen Klopp reveals how Reds can pip Manchester City to the title

The Reds take on Wolves tonight [8pm KO] attempting to extend their lead at the top of the table.

City play on Saturday against Crystal Palace [3pm KO] and will look to close the gap.

So far, Liverpool are still the only team unbeaten in the Premier League, and Dejan Lovren has declared that they can keep going all year.

However, Klopp is under no illusions about how tough the task at hand is.


He insisted that Liverpool are not overlooking the current champions, and claimed that they have no weaknesses.

“I have to respect that City are really, really, really good,” he said.

“I can’t say that City are lucky here and lucky there. They aren’t.

“Every match day they are spot on. They were last year when they got 100 points and they stay in that mode. Chapeau.

“I have to say it, there’s no sign of weakness. In the first 15 minutes against Everton maybe, but that was 12.30pm after a Champions League game so it was an extended warm-up and there were balls flying around and missed passes.

“But after that they took charge of the game and won it comfortably. Thank you very much. Next one.”

City won the league with a record points total last year – 100.

And Klopp said he was impressed not only with how they did it, but the team’s attitude to want to replicate last year’s success.

“They are the current champions and they still play like champions. The desire I see at City after being such clear champions last year, I think that’s special,” he added.

“We are all the challengers. That’s why we should concentrate on every game and not take any result for granted.

“We are all judged on that because they are the champions, they can do it, so it should be possible for us as well.”